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Thank a Service Member, Veteran in May

By April 27, 2022October 31st, 2023Blog

May is Military Appreciation Month

A little pick-me-up every now and then can make a world of difference to most people and, during the month of May, Give an Hour wants to encourage everyone to direct those well wishes or random acts of kindness to our military service members and veterans for Military Appreciation Month.  

Increased empathy and compassion, reduced stress and improved emotional well-being are just a few of the personal mental health benefits one can experience from bestowing a kind word or small gesture of thoughtfulness on another person. The recipient of your generosity? They can expect improved happiness, healthier relationships and increased self-esteem. So being kind is a win-win! And if anyone deserves to reap the benefits of a kinder, more compassionate world, it’s the men and women who serve or served our country. 

We’ve put together a few ideas to help you show your appreciation this month: 

  • If you’re going about your normal day-to-day routine and happen to see someone in uniform, take a few minutes to show your thanks with a kind word, handwritten note or a cup of joe at your local coffee shop. 

  • Proudly wear your red, white and blue during May! It’s a small way you can show your pride and say thanks. 

  • Ask your child to express their appreciation with a drawing and present it to a veteran or member of the military. Or you can send it to A Million Thanks

  • Know a veteran or have a neighbor whose spouse/partner/child is serving? Offer to bring dinner (you can cook or order in), mow the yard or run an errand that might ease their burden.  

  • Fly the American flag to display your appreciation for those who serve our country. 

And remember … Memorial Day is the last Monday in May and is the day we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Consider sharing memories of those lost with their loved ones. 

As you know, Give an Hour offers much-needed, no-cost, confidential, mental health care to many service members, veterans and their families. Make sure you follow our blog in May to learn about the many ways we support our military service members, veterans and their families or loved ones.