Give an Hour offers barrier free access to mental health care for Active duty, National Guard, Reserve and Veterans.

Loved ones who have been affected by their family members time in service are also eligible for Give an Hour programming.

Step 1: Search for a Provider

Using the search form, answer a few questions to view a list of providers who may be able to assist you.

Step 2: Select a Provider for Referral 

Review available providers to find the right fit and request a referral. You will be prompted to submit some brief information which is shared exclusively through GAH’s systems with your selected provider, and GAH referral staff members.

Step 3: Making the Match

The provider you chose will review your information and contact you to schedule a consultation or an appointment. If they find they are unable to help you, they will notify you, and Give an Hour staff.

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Search for a Provider

Client’s are eligible for Give an Hour services if you have served for the U.S. Military for any length of time, with any branch, and any active, reserve or discharge status -or- you consider yourself a loved one of someone who has served in the U.S. military and you are experiencing a service related (or post-service related) concern.

Give an Hour welcomes fully licensed providers from any field of study and practice with medical malpractice insurance eligible to provide mental health services in U.S. states and territories.

I’m not sure what type of counseling I need. How do I find a provider?

If you are unsure of what type of counseling would be best for your personal situation, we recommend a broad search of all types of providers. Choose one that meets your travel needs and reach out to them. If they are unable to help, they can recommend a different search criteria or help you find a better fit.

What if the provider I have found is not the right fit for me?

We encourage our clients and providers to work together to determine if they are a good match for each other. If at any time you determine it is not a good fit, please contact us.

I have insurance, can I still use Give an Hour?

Yes, you can. Many of those who use Give an Hour services have insurance but have chosen not to use it for a variety of reasons.

I am seeking a specific military assessment, can I still use Give an Hour?

Yes, you can. Not all Give an Hour providers are comfortable submitting gov’t assessment forms and they may not be able to do so on a pro-bono basis. Please make sure you clearly indicate this need when you submit your referral to reduce delays.

“We have taken advantage of the Give an Hour opportunity and we are turning over a new leaf as a family! I love my husband again and find renewed joy and greater patience as he works through his disabilities. Thank You!”

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Our Expectations of Give an Hour Providers

Give an Hour providers are licensed mental health professionals who have agreed to provide services in their areas of expertise. We do not prescreen mental health professionals who join our network. We do verify that they are licensed and in good standing in their stated profession. We expect you to take all precautions to ensure that your relationship with a provider is safe and successful. Give an Hour® specifically disclaims all warranties and liabilities regarding its providers.