Give an Hour is proud to announce the award of the Rare Belonging Grant from the Alexion Charitable Foundation. This grant will aid in mapping the journey of rare caregivers to address the unmet and/or disconnected mental health and emotional wellbeing needs of the rare disease caregiver community. The grant spans over one year with a completion of deliverables by December 2022. 

Peer Support

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Mental Health Care Providers

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We are looking for a small number of rare caregivers to join us in a web-based focus group to discuss the unique emotional health and wellness needs and journey as a rare caregiver. The focus group will be facilitated by a licensed mental health clinician who has extensive experience supporting rare caregivers.

Seeking Rare Caregivers

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Virtual Zoom Meeting, June 1, 2022, 4:00PM-5:30PM(PST)

The information gathered in the focus group will inform a specialized mental health and wellness program that will serve rare caregivers. Those selected to participate will receive a $200 stipend.

*all info and dialogue from the focus group will be kept confidential

Founded in 2005, Give an Hour is a national nonprofit that specializes in mental health, emotional wellness, and has taken the steps to join the area of rare caregiving.  Through peer support and provider training GAH will help build a sustainable support system for rare caregivers. This program will be offered nationwide, where trained providers and peers are located.

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The following NO COST services that will be offered and will begin in late June:

  • The opportunity for those serving the rare caregiver community to collaborate in how to best serve the unique needs of this population 

  • An online mental health and emotional wellness resource library 

  • Ongoing Peer Support:  Initially, peer support will be available online using a web based platform. Facetoface support will be offered based on peer support availability/comfort level

  • An Evidence Based Peer Support Model that will provide training to rare caregivers who are interested in becoming a peer supporter in the project 

  • Referrals for mental health services 

To ensure that the services offered meet rare caregiver needs, we need to hear from you!  Take 5 minutes to access our online needs assessment.
5 Min Assessment

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