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Our Approach & Impact

Listen, Lean In, Learn, & Lead

Give an Hour provides innovative multimodal solutions to accessing equitable mental health services and resources for individuals and communities. True to our founding mission, Give an Hour provides a breadth of evidence based, consumer informed therapeutic strategies to those who have experienced human-made trauma.

Give an Hour’s Approach

All mental health support we provide is informed through the knowledge gained from lived experiences.

We listen to what individuals want and need, educate mental health providers to understand the community on a deeper level, and customize our services and supports to be responsive toward long term health and wellness. 

Read more about how we’re informing our work with the support of the Stand Together Foundation.

LISTEN: Journey Mapping

A customer informed guide for navigating critical mental health touch points along a journey, offering insights and tools to improve well-being and resilience.

LEAN IN: Informed Response

Tailored mental health interventions precisely aligned to promote help and healing based on customer's unique needs and preferences.

LEARN: Continuous Improvement

An iterative customer engagement process to progressively improve our mental health products and services that bring about meaningful change.

LEAD: Creating Resilient Communities

Customer First Measurement prioritizes customer voice and experiences that enable personalized mental health products and services.

Give an Hour® provides personalized and interactive mental health products and services that are informed by both evidence and the lived experience of our customers that we have been serving since 2005. This ensures a level of responsiveness, relevance, engagement, and accessibility in our person-centered model.

With this knowledge we are equipped to help those who have experienced trauma and tailor our services to their unique needs.

Our solutions “catch” people who may fall through the gaps in previously identified care options such as traditional counseling. We believe empowered communities thrive when transparency is prioritized. This approach allows for lifelong emotional wellness that is trusted by the customer.

If you are an organization and are looking for mental health support for your employees or your community, reach out to or fill out this form to explore a contract with us for any of our mental health products.

Our Experience
  • Nearly 20 years of experience providing mental health services
  • We focus on a human-centered and client-centered approach
  • National reach
  • Our staff possess lived-experience
  • A Women-led organization
  • Community based interventions
  • We collaborate with leading behavioral health experts

Our Impact

Since 2005, Give an Hour has been connecting people with mental health services and education.

Our main focus is on the 15% of individuals impacted by humanmade trauma who require a higher level of understanding of their unique experiences combined with the shared camaraderie of human connection as essential in their healing journey.

Our priority population are not likely to seek help from primary care health providers, community-based organizations, or a therapist. Instead, we bring cultivated support to them.

I have assisted 19 servicemen and women since beginning with Give an Hour. It has been a blessing to help them get to a better place within themselves and with their partners. I'm grateful to be in a position to offer this pro bono service to them and delight in them when they make progress or have deeper understanding.

B.B.Give an Hour Provider

My work with Give an Hour is a way to give back, and it's much appreciated by my client. He is benefitting and growing!

L.M.Give an Hour Provider

I want to thank you for organizing this program to provide pro bono services to veterans. I am a service connected disabled veteran and the therapists we found through your program have been working with me and my family. [My Give an Hour Providers] have been instrumental in helping our family heal, learn, and grow. We have seen and interacted with several other therapists and [they] are truly exceptional at what they do and have a genuine passion for helping others. I wholeheartedly believe they saved my life and marriage and I am thankful everyday for you putting them in our paths.


I fell in love with Give an Hour when I was serving with Team Rubicon. I was in my master's program, but I knew once I was fully licensed, I would be involved. I really believe in Give an Hour's mission, and so anyway I can support, if I am able, I will.

R.S.Give an Hour Provider

This organization means a lot to me. Factually, I would not be on this earth anymore if they did not exist. In 2017, I held my personal fire arm in my hands and considered suicide as a way out just shortly after burying one of my army sons, who at the time, I felt I had majorly let down. I reached out through this organization and found a psychologist who saw me for nearly two years, the first 6 months of therapy were free and I had to twist her arm to even take my insurance card there after. She helped me understand the trauma I was experiencing and helped me find my path...


As a Navy veteran of the Korean Conflict, I have been blessed and grateful for being of service to veterans and their families. ... Love and Peace to you.

G.G.Give an Hour Provider

Impact in Numbers


hours donated by Give an Hour’s network of licensed mental health providers since 2005.


from Give an Hour clients between July-December 2022.


of our free mental health resources just in 2023 (January-September).

Wellness Ambassadors

prioritizing mental health and wellbeing for themselves and their communities.


mental health providers in our network.

Mental Health Providers Beyond Our Network Reached
People have been impacted by our services

Veteran Clients


Active Duty Clients


Of People Who Have Used Give an Hour Programs Are Satisfied.

Groups, Organizations, Corporations

Committed to Making Mental Health a Priority Through Give an Hour's Public Mental Health Campaign, The Campaign to Change Direction

Million People

Learned The Five Signs of Emotional Suffering

What Sets Us Apart

Connecting Individuals and Partners Together

Give an Hour has served our military, veteran, and caregiver community since 2005. Offering help and hope is a motto that we stand behind. This year we formally expanded our programming and training to serve other vulnerable populations identified as experiencing the same gap in mental health care as our legacy population. As a social entrepreneurial organization, Give an Hour partners with like-minded organizations and thought leaders to pursue innovative avenues to disrupt the status quo and fill the much needed gap that exists in mental health care for our nation. Over the past year we continued to see that as we empower individuals and communities by connecting them with the necessary resources they want, need, and deserve, they thrive and become part of the solution.

It's time to make mental health everyone's priority. Let's create a healthy, resilient world together.