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Our Approach

Listen, Lean In, Learn, & Lead

Mental Health. For Life.

Give an Hour provides innovative multimodal solutions to accessing equitable mental health services for individuals and communities. True to our founding mission, Give an Hour provides a breadth of evidence based, consumer informed therapeutic strategies to those who have experienced humanmade trauma.

North Star

We envision a society in which every individual is equipped with the knowledge, resources, and opportunities to take charge of their mental health journey. We promote self-awareness, self-care, and self-advocacy that empowers individuals to make informed decisions and actively participate in their own mental well-being. Together, we will ensure every individual has the opportunity to live a mentally healthy, fulfilling, and meaningful life.


To develop resilient individuals and communities; to grow our social impact through responsive, scalable, individualized mental health programs aimed at closing access and delivery gaps to mental health care.

Our Approach Is

Give an Hour’s Approach

Everything we do is informed through the knowledge gained from lived experiences. 

We listen to what individuals want and need, educate mental health providers to understand the community on a deeper level, and customize our services and supports to be responsive toward long term health and wellness.

LISTEN: Journey Mapping

A customer informed guide for navigating critical mental health touchpoints along a journey, offering insights and tools to improve well-being and resilience.

LEAN IN: Informed Response

Tailored mental health interventions precisely aligned to promote help and healing based on customer's unique needs and preferences.

LEARN: Continuous Improvement

An iterative customer engagement process to progressively improve our mental health products and services that bring about meaningful change.

LEAD: Creating Resilient Communities

Customer First Measurement prioritizes customer voice and experiences that enable personalized mental health products and services.

It's time to make mental health everyone's priority. Let's create a healthy, resilient world together.