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Give an Hour provides services for those impacted by Interpersonal violence, which is defined as the intentional use of physical force or power against a person or group of people by an individual or small group of individuals. The people involved do not need to be in an intimate relationship and the violent act can be physical, sexual or psychological.

Factors leading to increased levels of interpersonal violence include:

  • lack of economic development
  • weak social, political and judicial institutions
  • social disturbances
  • and warfare

Interpersonal violence is a pervasive public health issue impacting individuals, families and entire communities and exposure to it increases the risk of emotional, behavioral and physical health problems. The World Health Organization’s Global Health Estimates indicate that approximately 1.4 million people died in 2011 as a result of violence. Of those deaths, 35.3%, or 504,587, were due to interpersonal violence. 

Program Overview

The District of Columbia Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants partners with Give an Hour on an initiative called Enhancing the District’s Response to Trauma (EDRT) to support victims of crime, including interpersonal violence.  

This program provides access to free and confidential trauma-informed mental health services to individuals in the District of Columbia and their families who are victims of crime, involved in the justice system, or youth at risk of truancy or juvenile delinquency. Additionally, service providers who participate in this program have access to high-quality, trauma-specific, educational opportunities.  


*This website was produced by Give an Hour, under 2019-PGAHDC-0001, awarded by the Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants, Executive Office of the Mayor, District of Columbia. The opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this website are those of the contributors and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the Executive Office of the Mayor.

Provider Registration

Give an Hour is encouraging all licensed mental health providers in Washington D.C. to join Enhancing the District’s Response to Trauma.


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Give an Hour offers a wide range of Provider resources and benefits, including CEUs, toolkits and much more.

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Victim Services in Washington D.C.

EDRT has collected resources from partner and other service organizations. Give an Hour does not provide emergency services.

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About the DC Victim Hotline

The DC Victim Hotline is available 24/7 by telephone, text, or online chat. Through a partnership with the Mayor’s Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants and the National Center for Victims of Crime, the Hotline provides comprehensive information, resources, and referrals in the District of Columbia. The DC Victim Hotline represents an unprecedented collaboration of service providers in DC who are working to seamlessly connect victims of crime to free resources and to help them navigate the physical, financial, legal, and emotional repercussions of crime. To contact the Hotline, dial or text 1-844-4HELPDC (1-844-443-5732) or access the online chat at

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