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Giving Back. For Life.

Join the Network

Our goal is to grow a network of licensed mental health professionals to 50,000 strong.  That means YOU!

Who are we

A Give an Hour Network Mental Health Professional is  licensed and accepts Give an Hour program participants into their practice. MHP’s hold or use one session per week for those with significant barrier to mental health services; including financial inability to pay. By doing so, the Give an Hour MHP decentralizes community mental health support systems and increases the opportunity for those who may not receive care to find the help they need.  

What we do

Give an Hour MHP’s have the flexibility to choose to accept as many or as few clients as they wish. Access the portal and update availability at any time. Build your cultural competence, collaborate with and meet new colleagues, and your mental health practice – all while donating time back to your community.  

MHP’s who are not currently licensed or interested in offering clinical care can still serve with Give an Hour. Contact Us to learn more about ways to participate outside of clinical services.

Contribute & Connect

Give an Hour’s work is for everyone, but our national counseling referrals are strictly for limited populations of need. 

While some will always need therapy (and we believe ALL can benefit from care) we know that the number of available mental health providers doesn’t match the mental health crisis in America. That’s why Give an Hour is changing the face of mental health in partnership with mental health professionals but not the sole responsibility of mental health professionals – by developing upstream approaches to wellness to complement individual counseling We invite you to help us lead the way.  

As a network mental health professional you can offer your valuable insight to provide just in time consultation, expertise and training to a population we serve. You can participate in valuable training programs and impact the “bottom line” of mental health in America.  

Licensed Mental Health Providers Needed for Uvalde Free Clinic

Network Parameters

  • GAH accepts fully licensed mental health professionals, provisionally licensed mental health professionals, graduates, interns, and associates, all of whom must have graduated from a mental health master’s program.
    • For fully licensed providers: Within the registration form please provide us with your License Number, Licensed State(s), and License expiration date.
    • Non-licensed Providers: Once you obtain a supervisor, please provide GAH with your supervisor’s name, contact information, and license number. Additionally, we will need a copy of the signed contract between you and your supervisor. We are also able to accept a signed letter from the supervisor to validate your professional status. Note: Your supervisor does not have to be a GAH participant.
  • All Give an Hour MHP’s must carry appropriate liability and malpractice insurance.
  • Give an Hour MHP’s must be committed to excellence, integrity, and curiosity – seeking the best for their professional skills and those they serve. 
  • GAH MHP’s must be available to support one current pro bono client to accept paid referrals in the network

Enough Talk, Let's Help
People Together

Terms of Service

By registering with Give an Hour you agree:
  • You are a licensed mental health professional in good standing for the last two consecutive years in the state in which you are practicing.
  • If you are a non-licensed professional who is attempting to obtain clinical hours for your licensure, you must have an appropriate supervisor before joining the network. Non-licensed professionals must also provide supervisor information to clients through the Give an Hour network.
  • For clients who indicate inability to pay, you will offer mental health support or treatment at no charge, on an ongoing basis to each client you accept. Give an Hour providers must be available for a pro-bono client, or currently seeing a pro-bono client in order to be listed for clients who have means to pay. Violation of this policy will result in network removal.
  • You will provide mental health services only in areas you are qualified to practice.
  • You have sufficient malpractice insurance coverage in place.
  • You will notify Give an Hour if you are ever subject to disciplinary action or any other change in professional status within 30 days.
  • You will update your profile status when you receive a client referral, when you need to report hours and when your schedule is full and you are not currently accepting new Give an Hour clients.
  • You will update your contact and license information when necessary and respond within 5 business days to all inquiries regarding your services.
  • You understand Give an Hour disclaims all warranties and liabilities regarding its clients and are aware we do not pre-screen clients. You will be provided with general information when a referral is requested.
  • You will take all precautions to ensure your relationship with your client(s) is safe and successful.
  • You will conduct your practice using the highest ethical standards and respect and honor the dignity and individuality of those who seek your assistance.
  • You will follow all mandatory reporting guidelines set by your state and licensing board.
  • Give an Hour reserves the right to terminate your participation in our network with or without cause at any time.

MHP’s Register Here

Grab your license information & fill out the 5-minute form below. After you create your login and verify your email, you will be asked to provide information that will be used in your public profile. If you have any issues using the registration, please email

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