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  • As a Give an Hour alternative provider, you have generously agreed to offer one hour per week of mental health support or treatment at no charge, on an ongoing basis to each client you accept through our program. This is not a program to use to gain new paying clients. Unfortunately, this donation is not tax deductible.
  • While in our network, you may work with one individual or a series of different clients. We request you email us at if your schedule is full and you are not currently accepting new Give an Hour clients.
  • We expect you will update your contact information when necessary and respond to all inquiries regarding your services. If your schedule is full, your reply can indicate you are not available at this time.
  • While in our network, you will conduct your practice using the highest ethical standards and respect and honor the dignity and individuality of those who seek your assistance.
  • If you are subject to disciplinary action or other changes in professional status, you are obligated to notify Give an Hour immediately.

Terms of Service

By registering with Give an Hour you warrant:

  • You are a licensed or certified professional in good standing in the state in which you are practicing.
  • You will notify Give an Hour if you are ever subject to disciplinary action or any other change in professional status.
  • You will provide services only in areas you are qualified to practice.
  • You have sufficient malpractice insurance coverage in place if required by your licensure or certification.
  • You understand Give an Hour disclaims all warranties and liabilities regarding its clients and are aware we do not pre-screen clients.
  • You will take all precautions to ensure your relationship with your client(s) is safe and successful.
  • You agree Give an Hour reserves the right to terminate your participation in our network with or without cause at any time.