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Addressing Workplace Resilience

Give an Hour provides culturally responsive, evidence-based programming for people who have experienced trauma related to the workplace.

For many of us fortunate enough to be employed, a large portion of our life is spent at work; in fact, the average person will spend 90,000 hours at work over a lifetime. The fast pace of meeting deadlines, managing work and home balance and the ability to remain connected “to our desk” through mobile devices leads to significant stress and burnout.

The universal human experience of trauma can have tangible implications on employee behavior, motivation, and engagement. Personalized mental health services with Give an Hour alleviate the burnout crisis in your organization and help improve employee wellbeing.

We currently serve the following communities:

Help for WIT Centers

Support for Detroit and Cleveland Workforce Innovation and Talent Centers (WITC)

Veteran Workforce Toolkit Project

Identifying best practices for creating a workplace environment that supports emotional wellbeing for Veterans