The following list includes a wide range of alternative service providers who have reached out to Give an Hour offering their services for free. If this is not the case, please email us at Please contact the volunteers listed here directly for care and mention you are coming through Give an Hour.

Please note: Give an Hour has not prescreened these providers or verified their licenses. We disclaim all warranties and liabilities regarding their services.

Tips for Contacting an Alternative Provider:

Contact the provider directly and identify yourself as a potential Give an Hour client, even if you leave a voicemail. No payment or insurance information should be exchanged. If an alternative provider asks you for payment or insurance information, please contact us at We will respond quickly and clear up the misunderstanding.

  • Mention GAH: Tell a provider you are a GAH client at the beginning of your call, voicemail, or email.
  • Leave a message and call again: Be sure to leave your name, phone number, and email address (if you have one) in your message.
  • Try email: Consider using their email or their website’s “Contact Us” section to make contact.
  • Let us know: If you can’t reach a GAH alternative provider using their contact information on our website, let us know at, and we will update our database.
  • To receive FREE and confidential services from a professional.
  • To not be charged or have your insurance billed by a GAH alternative provider.
  • To learn ways of coping.
  • To be referred appropriately if you need additional services.
  • To be in a safe environment where you can talk about your deepest fears and concerns.

Our Offer to Assist You in Giving Back

A core belief of our organization is individuals who receive help benefit from the opportunity to give back once their needs have been addressed. Please look at the three options below and if you don’t see an option that works for you, we would be happy to connect you to organizations in your area that need volunteers. Please contact us if you would like to donate time in your community.

Give an Hour believes that everyone has something valuable to give and that our society will benefit if we harness the resources inherent in each of us.

Campaign to Change Direction

Help change the conversation around mental health by participating in Give an Hour’s Campaign to Change Direction.

Make a Pledge to #ChangeMentalHealth

Get Involved in the Community

through partner organizations

Volunteer Locally

Volunteer with GAH

as an organizational volunteer

Volunteer with GAH

Additional Military Resources

Give an Hour has partnered with several leading veteran and military service nonprofits, governmental agencies, and others to provide you with additional resources covering eight categories. Learn about them here.

Get Involved

Interested in helping spread the work of Give an Hour? Here are tools to help you share the Give an Hour network through social media, your local media, and through wearable goods.