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Providing Mental Health Resources for WITC Clients

Are you a WITC Client?

In partnership with CVS Health Workforce Innovation and Talent Center’s of Cleveland and Detroit, Give an Hour is supporting equitable access to mental health resources necessary for individuals to be sustainable, self-sustaining and vibrant contributors in their communities. Through Workforce Initiatives, CVS Health cultivates skilled workers and quality partners aligned with their mission and values, invested in continued success and positioned to make a difference in their communities. Workforce innovation includes career training programs that lead to employment at CVS Health or with other community partners and includes a focus on ensuring youth, mature workers, veterans, and individuals with disabilities have a place within their company.

As a partner, Give an Hour provides short and long term mental health and resilience support to those seeking career development – offering programs and services that enhance wellness and improve everyday life.

Together we change lives and change generations.

“As we attract new talent to CVS Health, we also help break the cycle of poverty for people who may otherwise continue down the road of dependency, which often spans generations. We recognize each person’s value and help individuals unlock their full potential through creative partnerships.”

Ernie DuPontSenior Director Workforce Initiatives
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Are you a WITC Client?

Resilience Education

Equipping diverse talent with the tools and resources needed to maintain resiliency during and after securing employment.

Wellness Education

Promoting holistic wellness whether at home or at work, Give an Hour’s wellness resources offer attainable solutions to caring for yourself and engaging in communities of support. 

Professional Support

Give an Hour educates Workforce partners to identify and assist those who are seeking to improve their mental health. We believe that everyone can offer support to those in need.

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