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Wrapping Up FY 23: Impact Highlights

By June 29, 2023Blog

We are closing out our fiscal year and look forward to sharing with you a report of all that was accomplished in the upcoming months. Until then, we are delighted to present a snapshot of the remarkable achievements and milestones that have shaped our fiscal year. Over the past twelve months, our dedicated team has worked tirelessly to drive innovation, enhance customer satisfaction, and deliver outstanding results. From exceeding sales targets to launching groundbreaking initiatives, our fiscal year highlights reflect the collective efforts and unwavering commitment of our entire organization. We take immense pride in celebrating these accomplishments, which have propelled us closer to our vision and reinforced our position as a leader in the mental health space. Here are a few of our inspiring accomplishments that have defined our fiscal year.

  • Over the past year the Route 91 team has attended 138 events, made 10,158 contacts within the mass violence community, hosted 138 support groups for survivors, support systems, and family members, continued providing peer support within the Route91 community and made connections with 717 people. The Route91heals team is honored to receive NOVA’s 2023 Tadini Baciagalupi Jr. Award Winner for our passion for advocacy for the mass violence community.
  • Established a Wellness Ambassador program accessible to everyone who wants to make a difference by prioritizing their own mental health and helping others do the same. It provides guidance, along with tools and resources to assist individuals who are looking for a way to support themselves and/or their communities improve and maintain their mental health and emotional wellbeing.
  • Give an Hour was selected as the resource partner for Eric Christiansen’s documentary film unMASKing HOPE, which was released earlier this year. Through our partnership we were able to highlight Give an Hour’s work, along with the work of other amazing organizations that help individuals healing and working through trauma.
  • In FY23, in partnership with the DC Office of Victim Services and Justice Grants, GAH’s Enhancing the District’s Response to Trauma (EDRT) project launched psychoeducational support groups for victims of violent crimes. The support groups, facilitated by licensed mental health professionals, focus on living with trauma and anxiety and grief. In addition, GAH developed and implemented improved and automated referral and evaluation tools in our database. This large undertaking allows GAH to more effectively track data, as well as program outcomes and impact, resulting in improved services and supports.
  • GAH’s response to the opioid epidemic cultivated local relationships with community based organizations in partnership to provide life saving overdose prevention education and life saving overdose rescue kits by expanding Ventura County’s Overdose Prevention program by eleven (11) new overdose prevention education sites and twenty-one (21) overdose responder sites. So that, in collaboration with Ventura County Behavioral Health provided over 2400 overdose rescue kits and education to Ventura County residents which resulted in a reported 756 lives saved from opioid overdose. ( From July 1, 2022 – June 12, 2023).
  • The Rare Caregiver program launched our first Peer 2 Peer training in September 2022, expanding on an effective model of mental health support that GAH has helped implement within other communities we are invested in. In May, the Rare Caregiver Program secured a partnership with Global Genes, an international leader in rare patient and caregiver support and advocacy. GAH is developing an internal training for GG staff that is designed to mitigate the mental health impacts on their staff when supporting patients and families often struggling with their own mental health.
  • During the fiscal year 2023, Give an Hour successfully launched and sustained a series of 8 Mental Health Professional Networking Groups. These groups served as valuable platforms for mental health providers to establish connections, foster professional networks, and engage in discussions about shared challenges within the field. The intention behind creating these groups was to cultivate a stronger sense of community and solidarity.
    • In the initial quarter of 2023, GAH organized Provider Networking Groups across different regions of the country, offering both virtual and in-person meetings. These gatherings encompassed a wide range of topics relevant to mental health care. Discussions covered areas such as accepting pro bono referrals, exchanging therapy techniques, identifying resources for continuing education credits and insurance information, as well as enrolling in Tricare—a healthcare program catering to military personnel. Attendees also had the opportunity to share their experiences and address the difficulties encountered when clients fail to follow through with appointments. Furthermore, participants explored strategies for maintaining self-care within the demanding nature of their profession.
  • Provider Relations has recently implemented an exciting new system that brings together mental health group practices from all over the country to join GAH’s mission. Our goal is to create a warm and collaborative environment where these practices can unite and have a positive impact. By connecting with mental health organizations in each community, we aim to provide consistent support, becoming a solid pillar of resources and assistance. Ultimately benefiting the military and veteran community that these compassionate providers are dedicated to serving.
    • The expansion of group practices within the GAH network not only broadens our geographical coverage but also grants these practices the freedom to develop their own unique approaches. We believe in empowering them to tailor their services according to the specific needs of their local communities, ensuring that the care provided is both effective and culturally sensitive. GAH deeply values the diversity of perspectives and understands that embracing different ideas only enhances the quality and accessibility of healthcare services.
    • To maintain the highest standards of care and ensure accountability, GAH has put in place a thoughtful system of checks and balances. This includes establishing contracts with participating practices, monitoring ongoing licensure updates, and conducting periodic assessments of the organizations involved. By implementing these measures, we ensure that all group practices within our network not only meet our organization’s standards but also maintain a solid commitment to serving those in need. Together, we are creating a supportive and caring network that strives to make a meaningful difference in the lives of individuals seeking mental health support.
  • In partnership with CVS Health Workforce Innovation and Talent Center’s of Cleveland and Detroit, Give an Hour launched an initiative to support equitable access to mental health resources necessary for individuals to be sustainable, self-sustaining and vibrant contributors in their communities. Through Workforce Initiatives, CVS Health cultivates skilled workers and quality partners aligned with their mission and values, invested in continued success and positioned to make a difference in their communities. Workforce innovation includes career training programs that lead to employment at CVS Health or with other community partners and includes a focus on ensuring youth, mature workers, veterans, and individuals with disabilities have a place within their company.
  • Developed by Give an Hour and an experienced board of advisors with funding from the University of Phoenix, the Veteran Workforce Toolkit was specially designed to assist employers in effectively integrating veterans into their organizations. With a wealth of resources, best practices, and expert guidance, the Veteran Workforce Toolkit provides employers with the tools needed to recruit, onboard, and support veteran employees successfully. By leveraging their unique experiences, leadership qualities, and technical expertise, employers can build a diverse, resilient, and high-performing team. Board of Advisors — University of Phoenix, Booz Allen Hamilton, Magellan Federal, CVS Health, US Chamber of Commerce, the VFW, Amazon
  • With funding from Welcome.Us, GAH organized and facilitated monthly support groups for #AfghanEvac Coalition volunteers. GAH also developed an additional avenue of support for their Resilience Duty Officers (RDO). This revamped RDO program offered substantive mental health support for AEC member group volunteers. Staffed by volunteer mental health professionals identified through GAH, this program enabled participants to have a safe space to address challenges related to their volunteer work.
  • We entered into our first Active Duty MOU with Ft. Bliss, aimed at decreasing suicide rates through the provision of customized psychoeducation and peer support.