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Veteran Workforce Toolkit

Over the past few years, worker mental health has been at the forefront of the conversation, citing reinvigorated discourse favoring work-life balance, corporate wellness programs, mental health days, and other benefits to support overall workplace mental wellness. Yet there continues to be a disconnect as employers seek some tethers to the pre-pandemic office environment, whether it is comprised of a full or partial return or even fully remote. Workers still report high levels of work stress, lower levels of autonomy, and career stagnation.

Give an Hour and a trusted, experienced board of advisors is at the forfront of supporting the Veteran employee population.  Starting with a toolkit which will contain resources to support the Veteran employee mental health and emotional wellbeing throughout the hire-to-retire career cycle which can be beneficial to the experience of any worker.

“Veterans represent 5.6% of the total civilian labor force, or 8.9 million workers, in the US.”

Workplaces that learn and adopt best practices in human performance from the military can benefit from the recruitment and retention of not just veteran workers but improved engagement from their entire workforce.

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