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The Making of Self!sh, a Journey of Self-Discovery

By October 10, 2023Blog

On June 9th, 2021, I had the privilege of meeting Stephanie Szostak, and little did I realize that it marked the beginning of a 28-month journey collaborating with her on the creation of her workbook, “Self!sh”, as a consultant for Give an Hour’s ambassador programs. It’s incredible that this journey has led us to the release of the workbook on World Mental Health Day in 2023! My name is Nickie Silverstein and this is my story about the creation of “Self!sh”. 

Prior to our initial conversation, my knowledge of Stephanie came solely from online sources and television. I knew her as a talented actress with passionate interests. However, what I came to learn was that Stephanie had invested an immense amount of time, effort, and dedication into her personal growth, all of which culminated in the creation of her rewarding book, “Self!sh.”  

Throughout the entire creative process, I was consistently impressed by Stephanie’s profound understanding of self-discovery. In my opinion, her depth of knowledge and first-hand wisdom in this field qualifies her as an expert (SME), even though Stephanie herself may not readily embrace that label. To ensure the workbook’s quality and accuracy, she enlisted experts to meticulously review and validate every facet of its content. 

Ensuring clinical soundness was just one aspect of bringing “Self!sh” to life. Stephanie also aspired to make the book approachable, personal, and enjoyable. The inclusion of personal, relatable stories was an essential component. As a Give an Hour Ambassador, she found support among a community of dedicated professionals who willingly contributed their experiences when called upon. Having had the privilege of supporting the Ambassadors on their stories and writing one myself, I can attest that they are personal, profound, and inspiring. As I explored Step 7, “How do you find and spread joy?”, I discovered I was doing “tasks” every day that could bring me joy. I just needed to do a mindshift, refocusing my intention on the joyful aspects of the opportunities instead of viewing them as tasks.  

Each of the workbook’s eight steps starts with these personal stories. Additionally, each step consists of an exercise, a section explaining the science behind the exercise, an exploration of the benefits to be gained, and guidance on how to integrate these discoveries into your own digital, personalized Playbook. 

“Self!sh” embarks on a unique journey, guiding readers to reflect upon and analyze their lives from various angles, perspectives, and through different lenses, allowing moments of reflection on the past, examination of the present, and dreams for the future. 

Engaging with this workbook is certain to unveil facets of oneself that may have long remained hidden, buried, or forgotten. By uncovering, or perhaps rediscovering, what brings us joy, confidence, and meaning, we are bound to present ourselves differently in our lives.   

To delve deeper into the world of “Self!sh,” to order the book, and to become a part of our book club, please visit 

Nickie Silverstein, Consultant, Give an Hour Ambassador Programs