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Give an Hour Provides Mental Health Support to Survivors of Mass Violence 





Give an Hour Provides Mental Health Support to Survivors of Mass Violence 

From California to Texas, National Nonprofit Helps Communities Heal 


CLARKSBURG, Md – (May 10, 2023) – Give an Hour, a national nonprofit organization that provides mental health services to people who have been impacted by trauma, has been working with survivors of the Route 91 and Borderline mass shootings to support their long-term healing. In addition, Give an Hour has expanded its services to provide aid to the community of Uvalde, TX, which suffered a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School on May 24, 2022.

With eighteen years of collaborative partnership experience and guided by the belief that action must be informed by listening to the needs of survivors, Give an Hour provides critical mental health support to survivors, their families, and the community. In California, they provided communities with ongoing peer-to-peer training, support groups, and mental health education to reinforce their healing journey. “It is an honor to be involved in the process of connecting a hurting community again to hope, and purpose, and to each other,” said Michael Morisette, Outreach Coordinator, whose daughter was lost in a mass shooting. “Every day we are thanked for being here in the community, for showing that they have not been forgotten and that there are options and paths towards healing.”

Many in Uvalde continue to struggle with trauma and grief after an incredible loss last May. “After Bob Stead, one of our devoted volunteer mental health professionals, opened a local mental health clinic in the Uvalde community, we were inspired to do even more to support the long-term healing journey of those in need,” said Dr. Trina Clayeux, CEO of Give an Hour. “We are committed to finding innovative ways to help individuals and communities heal and thrive, and we will continue to work tirelessly toward that goal.” 


From providing mental health education in both Spanish and English to offering virtual peer support groups for professionals and individuals, and connecting the community with direct care, Give an Hour has returned to Uvalde to collaborate with local leaders and centers on the ground. 
Uvalde has heart. Uvalde has culture. Uvalde has resiliency. It always has and it always will. Offering counseling support to the community is an extension of what they’ve always stood for, just in a slightly different way- help for the heart, remembrance of the culture and showing up, even when it’s hard. Join us in continuing to care, continuing to remember and continuing to support Uvalde through the ‘after’,” said Sara Almendariz Rivera, a counselor with Give an Hour providing services to the local community. 

Anniversaries, such as the one coming up on May 24th in Uvalde, can be activating. Give an Hour encourages everyone to share this toolkit with those who may need it and if you are interested in joining our community of support, connect with us here.


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About Give an Hour

Give an Hour is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to creating resilient individuals and communities across the U.S. by providing barrier-free access to mental health services and education. Since 2005, through collaboration, volunteerism and prioritizing meaningful connection, the organization has been a thought leader in the mental health space by serving those who have been impacted by humanmade trauma. 

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