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American Legion’s Tango Alpha Lima: Raising Mental Health Awareness

By December 13, 2022October 31st, 2023News
The American Legion
December 13, 2022


Turn back the clock to 2005 when very few people were talking about mental health. At the same time, the effects of PTSD were taking hold over servicemembers and veterans of the Global War on Terrorism.


The concept behind Give an Hour is for trained therapists to donate an hour of their time to counsel veterans, servicemembers and their families. The sessions are available for traumas related to combat, other military-related issues, childhood experiences and anything else.

Right now, a common theme is servicemembers who are trying to come to terms with the fall of Afghanistan. Give an Hour is providing assistance to Americans who are helping Afghans. They often are dealing with an emotional situation with an interpreter or other ally, but don’t necessarily have someone to turn to for support at home.

“There is no word for ‘trauma’ in Afghanistan,” she said. “There are no therapists in Afghanistan. We had to think about what our support would look like for this community.”

If you are a veteran who needs immediate help, dial 988 and press 1 for the Veterans Crisis Line.

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