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Volunteering with Give an Hour is a Chance to be an Advocate

By October 24, 2018November 5th, 2019Military Stories, Provider Stories

In September 2018, Mrs. Joi Haines participated in a virtual interview with Katie Civiletto to discuss the Reserve Component Program and the impact it has had on her various roles, both as a DoD employee of the reserve and guard as well as her volunteer role with Give an Hour. Mrs. Haines agreed to record this interview to highlight the work, specifically for Veterans United Foundation. Video: 

“Being able to tell them about Give an Hour and tell them: this is a resource, its free, there is someone who is going to be on the other end for you…It’s invaluable…Not only is it free, not only is it for you and your spouse, but it is a resource that you can get to immediately…Volunteering with Give an Hour is “a chance to be an advocate, a chance to be a voice for Reserve, Guard and their families”  Joi Haines