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Their Memory is a Blessing: Remembering Borderline with Michael Morisette

By November 5, 2021February 1st, 2022News

Michael Morisette first came to Give an Hour as a volunteer, where he advocated the message of the Campaign to Change Direction among those who were living through a local mass trauma. Not unlike so many others who serve in this ‘behind the scenes universe’ of responders, providers, advocates, and resource organizations. Michael has a lived experience that changed his life and his perspective forever. Through processing his own grief and trauma, he is developing a desire to serve others who have experienced these of their own. This is not unusual, or special, but he feels it is profound enough to initiate a vocational adjustment. Michael comes with decades of experience in customer service, sales & marketing, supervision & training, communication & compliance, and staffing & recruiting. Working mostly in retail corporations and facilities, he also learned from his years in the staffing industry, and briefer ventures into home-based insurance and sales businesses. Michael had worked with the public in many settings such as vendor booths, and as event staff in outdoor events, and as a volunteer in faith-based ministries. Michael was born and raised, and attended Community Colleges in Los Angeles County, but now resides in Ventura County, California with his family, and enjoys the opportunities that life brings in a Coastal California lifestyle.

Listen to the podcast here.