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Five Signs of Emotional Suffering and Healthy Habits of Emotional Wellbeing

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Nepali Translation: In an effort to improve use of behavioral health care in the Bhutanese Nepali community, SAMHSA’s Office of Behavioral Health Equity, the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, and the Bhutanese Nepali community of Columbus, Ohio, collaborated with the Campaign to Change Direction® to translate the Five Signs of Emotional Suffering for use with the Bhutanese community. The new resources include culturally appropriate definitions and explanations of emotional suffering.

Arabic Translation: Thank you to SAMHSA’s Office of Behavior Health Equity, the Catholic Charities of Oregon, Virgin Mary & St. Demiana Coptic Church of White Plains, NY and representatives from Columbia University for translating the Signs into Arabic.

All other languages were translated and vetted by 6 native speakers.  Thank you to: Eduardo, Israel, Magdalena, Monika, Tiko, and Yelytzaveta.

Read our press release about the translations here.


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Alert: This video may be difficult to watch and contains images related to suicide.

Chris Stapleton Video

This supplemental guide, geared toward children and young adults, is meant to start a discussion around the Five Signs of emotional suffering while viewing Chis Stapleton’s music video, Fire Away.

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