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Webinar: 180 Playbook – Creating Healthy Habits

By October 20, 2021February 1st, 2022Events


On November 17th, we will be hosting our final 180 Playbook webinar. This webinar will include a wonderful lineup of speakers:

photo of Chris Colbert

Chris Colbert
CEO & Founder, DCP Entertainment
Chris Colbert is the CEO and Founder of DCP Entertainment, a media platform for underrepresented voices, including people of color, women, the LGBTQ+ community, and other overlooked communities. He began his career in audio production over a decade ago as an intern and consultant for Sirius Satellite Radio (now SiriusXM Radio), where he helped create Jamie Foxx’s comedy & music channel, The Foxxhole. After deciding to start his own media company, Chris founded DCP Entertainment as a place to bring together audio and visual storytelling for underrepresented communities, as well as conversations around mental & emotional health.

Stephanie Szostak
Stephanie Szostak is a French-American actress you may know from the ABC’s hit series A MILLION LITTLE THINGS, The Devil Wears Prada or Iron Man 3 (amongst other projects). She got a late start on the acting scene at the age of 30 and as her roles got bigger, so did the pressure; this pushed her to address mindset and discover its interconnection with performance.

Elle Mark
Miss Minnesota
“Gabrielle “Elle” Mark is an honors graduate from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse with her Bachelors degree in Public Health & Community Health Education. During her undergraduate career, Elle spent a significant amount of time researching and performing health education programming surrounding the topics of mental health and wellness as well as the prevention of mental health crises. Elle’s passion for promoting mental wellness stems from her personal experience with mental health disorders. In efforts to help others through the struggles she encountered with mental illness, Elle utilized her role as a local titleholder within the Miss America Organization (MAO) to share her mental health journey and help to guide others through theirs. “

Rachel Mariotti
Personal Trainer & Mental Health Coach
“Rachel started her career as a coach working in the fitness industry. She quit her New York City advertising job and switched to personal training and group fitness at a large and highly touted gym, Equinox. Not long after her move to Equinox, she became a top trainer receiving the Fusion Award for being most prolific in personal training and group fitness. Rachel also has her Masters Degree in Psychology at New York University with a focus in mental health counseling. Her philosophy is that we can only be so well if we take the best care of our body, but forget about our mind. After finishing graduate school, she worked at a psychoanalytic clinic to begin her therapy practice while also continuing private training. She believes that mental health should be approached like an athlete, having discipline, adaptability, and skill.”

Eric Christiansen
Eric Christiansen is an acclaimed documentarian who has built his life’s work around socially responsible filmmaking that educates, inspires and most importantly heals. Christiansen, a seven-time Southwestern Region Emmy Award recipient, explores the impact of trauma; how we adapt to grief; the resilience of the human spirit; and how a powerful platform for hope can help trauma survivors begin the vigilant journey of healing. A trauma survivor himself, Christiansen worked through the loss of his home and possessions in the Painted Cave Fire by creating his first film Faces in the Fire 25 years ago. All of his films (Faces in the Fire, Homecoming: A Vietnam Vets Journey, Searching for Home: Coming Back from War) have been transformative in the recovery process for thousands of people whose lives have been compromised mentally, spiritually and physically by trauma.