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A message of Actress Stephanie Szostak of ABC’s A Million Little Things

MindShift – Your Playbook for Life

(formerly the 180 Playbook)

True Progress takes time, it is not a one-time effort, it’s a daily commitment.

We spend countless hours learning, reading and getting guidance. But after just a few days, what do we really remember? And, what are we still practicing? Create your personal MindShift Playbook with all that points you back to your North Star, what brings you Joy, Purpose and Meaning. MindShift is a daily practice of Mental Fitness to quiet down the noise, get back on track and bring about a more skillful version of yourself to help YOU navigate the next round of uncertainty.

Let’s Talk 180 Playbook

Collecting and finding inspiration for your 180

What works for you?  Let’s connect all the pearls of wisdom.

Hear how these panelists practice healthy habits in their lives and overcome challenges when creating new habits.

1. Collect

We will start by collecting new items that inspire YOU. Inspiration can be found everywhere. Collect pearls of wisdom that mean something to you from podcasts, faith, social media, novels, friends, mentors, your dad’s favorite one-liner, songs, etc. Be present, capture inspirational ideas around you. Maybe they’re photos saved on your phone or notes written down on post-its or a combination of the two.

What, How, & Where to Collect Your 180 Playbook Items

Ask Yourself These Questions

These will help guide you as you figure out what you want to add to your 180 Playbook.

Start Here

Items for your 180 can be found everywhere, but here’s a starting point of where to look.  Stay present and key your eyes and mind open.

Life Categories

Collect items based on different areas of your life that you want to focus on.


You are in control of your 180 Playbook.  There’s no timeline and remember this is a living tool–this is a tool to remind you of what you’ve accomplished and who you are, so when doubts arise, you’ll be reminded of what’s important to you.

Types of Items for Your 180 Playbook


Search for “inspirational quotes” and see which resonates with you. Check a book out of the library or cut some of your favorite quotes out of magazines.


Where do you want to visit in the next 5 or 10 years? Think about adding pictures of events, people, and places that make you smile to your playbook.


Songs can change your mood in an instant. What are the songs you love to sing or remind you of your favorite memories?

2. Connect

Where do you currently put things that you want to remember? You have already created a library of your inspirations, now you need to connect them together. Do you prefer to look through an album on your phone or paper notebook? Do you want to create a movie and add music? Figure out the format that’s easy for you and collate your favorite inspirations. Watching or looking through your Playbook will become a daily practice, so keep your video or the time it takes to look through an album to 180 seconds.

Tips on How to Connect Your 180 Playbook Items

Take Stock of What You Collected

Getting all the items you’ve collected in one place will help make this a smooth process.  Don’t let the number of items be a deterrent for connecting your items together!  This is a LIVING TOOL, connect what you have! You’ll be adding and deleting items as you come across new things or master various skills.

Decide What Format You Want Your 180 In

Do you prefer to carry your 180 Playbook on your phone in an album or in a movie made on your phone?  Maybe you want to put everything into a notebook that you can carry around?

Get Everything Into the Same Format

You have probably collected things on your phone, wrote down reminders on post its, or have pictures that you want to include.  Either print everything out if you are creating a hard copy or take photos of everything.

Choose The Order

Now it’s time to organize your items in the order of how they will appear in your 180.  Then start gluing/writing/coloring or use a video app to create an movie.

3. Practice

To start this habit, commit to starting your day with your Playbook for three solid weeks. Use it throughout the day when needed, ie. before a big meeting, a test, a match, or when patience is running low or anxieties are getting in the way. Use it to center yourself. This exercise is like the gym for your mental strength. With frequent and regular use, this habit will pay off. The more you memorize your playbook, the easier it will be to practice what inspires you in real life and return to it easily in your mind. Your 180 Playbook will replace the negative with the positive.

Week 1

Think about when you will look at your Playbook each day and then do it. Morning, afternoon, or evening – decide on a time that works best for you.

Week 2

Now that you have started this new habit, keep going. Remember to keep it handy so you can train your brain to replace negative thoughts. You can do it.

Week 3

You will notice now that after learning this new habit that you will prioritize your self-care. When you take care of yourself, your whole outlook can improve.