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Introducing “The Signs of Silent Suffering: Toxic Positivity”

By April 5, 2023Blog

A New Wellness Tool to Combat Emotional Suffering

Are you ready to embrace a healthier emotional journey? We are excited to announce the launch of our latest wellness tool, “The Signs of Silent Suffering: Toxic Positivity.” This tool will help you recognize the hidden signs of emotional pain and provide solutions to foster healthier emotional habits. 

Emotional pain and suffering can manifest in various ways. Sometimes it’s evident when someone is hurting, while other times the signs are more subtle and hidden. These silent signs can often go unnoticed, prolonging emotional suffering. By learning to recognize these signs and addressing them proactively, we can create a healthier emotional environment for ourselves and others.  

Remember, everyone has Mental Health. 

Let’s understand what toxic positivity is. Have you ever felt like your emotions were being dismissed or belittled by someone telling you to “just be positive”? Phrases like “just smile” or “keep your chin up” are common responses that perpetuate toxic positivity. These words, even if said with good intent, can deny, minimize, and invalidate human emotional experiences. Toxic positivity occurs when “negative” feelings and experiences are covered up with layers of “positive” words, feelings, and reactions. It’s important that we don’t LABEL our feelings as positive or negative. All feelings are authentic and valid whether in the happy or sad/mad spectrum. Allowing ourselves to feel is positive, no matter the emotion.  

Toxic positivity may be used to mask emotional suffering by deflecting emotional struggles and distracting from what a person is really feeling. 

To help identify toxic positivity and provide solutions to combat it, we have developed a range of resources. These resources include a few supplemental one-pagers: one focused on the pitfalls of toxic positivity in social media, and another that zeroes in on identifying toxic positivity in the workplace and how to cope with feelings in the workplace. The latter is a fantastic tool for businesses and employers to use as a discussion point for addressing this crucial issue. 

Rest assured, all our resources are developed in collaboration with clinical professionals to ensure the information is accurate and relevant. While these resources are FREE, we welcome a $5 donation to download them. Your contribution will help us reach our goal of raising $50,000 to continue offering our life-saving mental health services and resources to those in need. 

It’s time to break free from the shackles of toxic positivity and embrace a healthier emotional journey. Download these resources today to make a proactive change in your life and the lives of those around you. 

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