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Giving More Than An Hour

By August 28, 2018October 10th, 2018Military Stories

“I  have been in this field a long time (27+ years now!), and I love seeing my clients get better. They are able to heal their marriages or relationships. Their anxiety goes way down; they handle stress much more easily. They get the results they want. They are able to reduce or completely stop using, if that is their goal. They are feeling happy, and they have more internal peace in their lives. 

I believe a person seeking help already has the inherent ability to “be ok” deep down and I can help you tap into your inner peace. I can teach you skills to help you improve your mood, choose healthier ways to cope with stress, and deepen your sense of satisfaction with life. My goal is to help you be your best authentic self.” – Heidi B, Give an Hour Provider

Heidi, who practices in Orlando, has been a Give an Hour providers since 2011. Personally touched and horrified by the Orlando Shooting in 2016, Heidi created a video and reached out to over 1000 therapists in Central Florida and asked them to sign up for Give an Hour. “I used social media to reach the extended population and to let families and friends of those impacted know that help was out there. The greatest challenge continues to be to identify those who have been affected. The circle of influence is so much broader than families of those who have been shot or killed.”

Heidi credits her parents with having trained her well. She says, “Volunteering is in my blood.” Not having served in the military herself, she views Give an Hour as a way of saying thank you to members of the military, veterans, and their families.

“With a Master’s in both social work and public health from Boston University, I was working at the VA during September 11th. It was there that the veteran community stole my heart. When I moved back to my hometown of Orlando, I became a Give an Hour licensed mental health therapist, providing individual counseling and going on Wounded Warrior Retreats. I fell in love with the work; encouraging clients to use our services and urging colleagues in the mental health community to join our network. I networks frequently, speak, teach and promote Give an Hour. I often encounters people who break down in tears when they find out that they can receive free and confidential services through Give an Hour.” 

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In keeping with our tradition of offering our services to other groups in need, Give an Hour made available its network of mental health professionals to victims, families, and first responders dealing with the aftermath of the Orlando and Dallas tragedies. Our network includes thousands of licensed mental health practitioners trained in assisting individuals coping with trauma and recovering from crises and violence. “We know that the impact of this trauma will have a profound and long-lasting affect on many of those touched by this horrific act of violence,” says Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen, founder and president of Give an Hour, adding, “Give an Hour is committed to ensuring that those who are suffering receive the help and support they deserve.”

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