Licensed Providers

 Give help as a licensed provider

One hour a week can truly make a difference in someone’s life. If you are a licensed mental health professional carrying malpractice insurance, click below to visit our registration page for additional information on how you can serve as a provider in the Give an Hour network.

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Organizational Volunteer

Give help as an organizational volunteer

Give an Hour welcomes volunteers who would like to share their expertise including design and layout, business acumen, Spanish translation skills to assist with outreach, administrative services, and more. Click below to be directed to our volunteer page.

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Training and Educational Opportunities

 Give help by continuing your education

We encourage all our providers and volunteers to further their training and education to better serve those in-need. Often times, we share and create our own opportunities for free continuing education credits toward licensure renewal.

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Outreach Opportunities

 Give help by sharing your work

Make a difference in someone’s life by raising awareness of the work you do for Give an Hour. We encourage you to reach out to professional organizations your are a part of and media outlets in your community to spread Give an Hour’s reach.

Outreach Opportunities


Give help by contributing financially

Your generous contribution helps us provide free mental health care to those in need. Your gift also helps continue our efforts to change the culture of mental health. By increasing access to care and by removing cultural barriers, we ensure that someday all in need will receive the support they deserve.

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Alternative Providers

Give help as an alternative provider

At Give an Hour we understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to emotional well-being. If you are interested in joining our list of volunteer providers who practice non traditional or “alternative” care  to support those who serve and their families, please click below.

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