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Give an Hour’s Impact in 2022

By February 15, 2023March 10th, 2023Blog

In 2022, Give an Hour grew stronger during a strategic refresh of our operational structure, mission, vision, and branding, and incorporated clear value-building with employees.


Give an Hour has served our military, veteran, and caregiver community for 15+ years. Offering help and hope is a motto that we stand behind. This year we formally expanded our programming and training to serve other vulnerable populations identified as experiencing the same gap in mental health care as our legacy population. As a social entrepreneurial organization, Give an Hour partners with like-minded organizations and thought leaders to pursue innovative avenues to disrupt the status quo and fill the much needed gap that exists in mental health care for our nation. Over the past year we continued to see that as we empower individuals and communities by connecting them with the necessary resources they want, need, and deserve, they thrive and become part of the solution.

Give an Hour’s approach to programming and training is built on our trauma-informed expertise. Our model of care is successful because it is informed by the lived experience of the people we serve in combination with evidence-based approaches. Clients’ collective experiences educate the organization’s actions, as well as those of our dedicated volunteers, which allows us as a team to better respond to those we serve. In other words, Give an Hour acknowledges that this pervasive issue cannot be solved alone or by one entity. We are stronger together. The solution lies in thoughtful listening

This past year, the three-year strategic plan that was created in collaboration with the Give an Hour Board provided much needed focus to expand our impact and align our mission. It is not enough for us to deliver only what’s asked for, but what is needed. These strategic goals are part of the solution that our nation requires to grow and heal. Along with numerous other nonprofits, we have seen a shift in charitable behavior as donors evolve in how they choose to give. Over the next year, Give an Hour will diversify our touchpoints to connect with potential supporters interested in contributing to our impact.

The word that sums up our year is connection. Leadership’s focus on reinvigorating past partnerships and creating new ones allows the organization to enter the year with meaningful connections and a shared vision of action over the next twelve months.

The invitation is open to everyone to connect and reconnect with us, whether you’ve known about Give an Hour since its inception or are new to our work. Mental health is for everyone. We are most successful when we work in connection with others. We are here for you and For Life.

Read our full 2022 Annual Report here.