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Give an Hour Offers Vital Peer Support Following Kansas City Mass Shooting 



Give an Hour Offers Vital Peer Support Following Kansas City Mass Shooting 

Following the tragic mass shooting incident in Kansas City, Give an Hour, a national organization dedicated to providing mental health support to those who have been impacted by humanmade trauma, is reminding individuals and communities of their mass violence peer support groupsdownloadable toolkit, and the opportunities for people to help support the healing of their fellow community members impacted.


Mass violence events have profound and far-reaching impacts, affecting not only the immediate victims and their families but also entire communities, first responders, and society at large. The psychological and emotional toll can be overwhelming, extending well beyond the physical violence itself.

Julie Wells, Director of Program Development at Give an Hour, emphasizes the organization’s dedication to supporting those in need: “We understand the profound grief, fear, and trauma experienced in the aftermath of mass violence. No one should navigate these challenges alone. We offer peer support groups and mental health resources to help affected individuals begin their journey towards healing and resilience.”

Give an Hour’s customer-centered approach acknowledges that seeking mental health support may not be an immediate priority following a traumatic event. However, the organization encourages individuals impacted by mass violence to join peer support groups when they are ready. These groups provide a safe space for sharing feelings, seeking comfort, and accessing coping strategies from trained peer facilitators with lived experience.

In addition to peer support groups, Give an Hour has developed a toolkit specifically tailored to assist individuals and communities in coping with the aftermath of mass violence. This toolkit offers practical resources, information, and guidance to navigate complex emotions and challenges.

Dr. Trina Clayeux, CEO of Give an Hour, emphasizes the organization’s commitment to supporting healing journeys: “We recognize that healing is a unique journey for each individual. When individuals affected by mass violence are ready to take the next step in their healing journey, Give an Hour will be here to support them just as we have been in other communities around the Nation like Uvalde, Thousand Oaks, Borderline, Tulsa, and others.”

For more information about Give an Hour and the support services available to communities affected by mass violence, please visit


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