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Give an Hour Honored with Prestigious National Award in Recognition of Outstanding Volunteer Efforts 



Give an Hour Honored with Prestigious National Award in Recognition of Outstanding Volunteer Efforts

Dedicated to the healing journey of those affected by Mass Shootings 


CLARKSBURG, Md – (June 2, 2023) – Give an Hour, a leading national organization dedicated to providing mental health services to those in need, is thrilled to announce that it has been bestowed with the esteemed Tadini Bacigalupi National Award. Established in honor of the late Tadini Bacigalupi, one of the founding members of the NOVA Board, this award recognizes organizations that have demonstrated exceptional commitment to volunteer programs in criminal justice and have contributed significantly to the success of the National Organization for Victim Assistance. The Tadini Bacigalupi National Award is conferred upon programs that exhibit innovation in service, longevity, quality of services, and exceptional utilization of volunteers.

Give an Hour’s selection as this year’s recipient of the Tadini Bacigalupi National Award is a testament to their unwavering dedication to the community and their groundbreaking approach to providing mental health services. 

“We are deeply honored to receive the Tadini Bacigalupi National Award,” said Dr. Trina Clayeux, CEO at Give an Hour. “This recognition not only validates our commitment to transforming lives through accessible mental health services but also acknowledges the survivors that trusted us on their healing journey over the past few years. We share this award with every survivor and supporter of the community as well as the California Victims Compensation Board (CalVCB) and the Ventura County District Attorney’s office who funded this project.”

Give an Hour has consistently demonstrated innovation in its service delivery, maintaining the longevity of its program and ensuring the provision of high-quality services to those in need. The Route 91 Heals project was built alongside the survivor population it served.  Those with lived experience were pivotal to informing the programming needs. The Peer Support program that was implemented will far outlive the funding, as it connected survivors to survivors with enhanced communication and resiliency skills.  They also funded 90 Survivors and their family members to attend the 5th year remembrance activities in Las Vegas in 2022, enhancing survivor relationships with others and ensuring the community supported one another in the most effective way: together.

“It’s gratifying to know that we are being honored in this way for our program.  I hope Mr. Bacigalupi would have been proud and we are thrilled to continue his legacy, supporting those who have been through difficult trauma,”  said Shane Meserve, Deputy Director at Give an Hour.

Give an Hour remains dedicated to its mission of bridging the gap in mental health care by providing mental health services to those who have faced trauma. Their tireless efforts have helped countless individuals and communities heal and thrive.

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About Give an Hour

Give an Hour is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to creating resilient individuals and communities across the U.S. by providing barrier-free access to mental health services and education. Since 2005, through collaboration, volunteerism and prioritizing meaningful connection, the organization has been a thought leader in the mental health space by serving those who have been impacted by trauma.

For more information, contact: Kristin Richardson 202-491-8139

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Why We Advocate

Molly Maurer, Program Manager– I advocate because it’s important for me to show people there is hope. I want to offer resources and help build resilient communities. Advocacy helped me in my own healing journey, and it furthers my healing by helping others.

Shane Meserve, Deputy Director– I advocate because although trauma is inevitable in this life, suffering and pain are not.  No one should feel alone when so many of us are cheering for and lifting up all who grieve.  I want to facilitate real connection and joy amongst the pain, having a full human experience.

Michael Morisette, Outreach Coordinator– One of the hardest parts of suffering through a ‘lived experience’ is that feeling that others simply don’t understand what you are going through, that you are alone. Being able to provide a place where impacted folks can come together to connect, and learn, and grow both individually and as partners in a journey towards healing, is an honor and a privilege.

Kelly Muklevicz, Supervising Victim Advocate, County of Ventura– To be present, listen to understand, foster strength, lift voices, build community, stand together, walk a path to hope and resilience.