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Envision Your Ideal Holiday Experience

By December 20, 2023Blog

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it’s easy to get swept up in endless “To Do” lists. From last-minute online gift purchases to preserving cherished family recipes, the tasks seem never-ending. 

Year after year, I find myself wishing for time to slow down, yearning to fully savor each moment with my loved ones rather than rushing through the season. If you share these sentiments, take a brief respite and embark on a 10-minute mental excursion with me. Take a moment to read the following paragraphs, then close your eyes and let your imagination wander—not to your tasks, but to your ideal holiday experience. 

Shut your eyes and ponder: “What defines the holiday of my dreams?” Allow your mind to wander freely as you visualize this dream holiday. Take it slow, embracing the departure from reality. Explore this wonderland in your mind’s eye and consider: 

– What sights do you behold? 

– What scents fill the air? 

– Where do you find yourself? 

– What sounds surround you? 

– Who shares this moment with you? 

– What emotions are you experiencing? 

When you reopen your eyes, reflect on the most captivating elements of your dream. Was it the company you were with, your location, or the activities you were engaged in? Perhaps it was a fusion of everything intertwined. Did these elements derive from nostalgic childhood memories or aspirations for the future? Is there a particular scent or taste you wish to recreate? Take a moment to immerse yourself in these emotions. 

Now, consider the holiday you’re currently experiencing. Are you crafting the holiday of your dreams, or do you feel pressured to conform to someone else’s ideal? 

Finally, be purposeful in your decisions. What actions are within your reach to incorporate aspects of your ideal holiday into these upcoming weeks? While dreaming, I found myself completely engaged as I observed my children relishing the season. So, for the next few weeks, my aspiration is to cherish simple moments with my children. Tonight, I plan to start small by preparing an unexpected dinner for my family: red and green colored waffles adorned with whipped cream and festive sprinkles! And to fully embrace this moment, I pledge to set aside all other tasks and relish this dinner with my family. 

Nickie Silverstein

Consultant, Ambassador Relations