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Affordable, Accredited Development Courses for Give an Hour Providers with CE4LESS

By February 9, 2023Blog

Partnering for Greater Good

Give an Hour is proud to announce a partnership with CE4LESS. We are dedicated to helping our volunteer network when we can–as they do so much to help meet our mission to fill the gap in mental health services for military members, veterans, and their loved ones. Give an Hour was established to provide cost-free, barrier-free mental healthcare to vulnerable members of the military community too often left behind and ignored for numerous reasons.

Supporting Give an Hour in its worthy cause, CE4Less offers Give an Hour’s volunteer providers free access to a bundle of courses specific to the unique mental health needs of members of the military community and their loved ones. Give an Hour and CE4LESS are united in the joint mission to improve patient outcomes. Give an Hour by increasing access and removing barriers to mental health services.  And CE4Less by ensuring that providers have the tools they need to deliver the highest quality care to their patients.

With over 70,000,000 individuals in the United States currently suffering from a mental health condition, and fewer than 550,000 licensed mental health providers available to serve their needs, there is a significant access and delivery gap. In the face of that gap, effective treatment is key, and Give an Hour is ready to improve patient outcomes in our military community.

Partnerships like this is the reason why we can connect and serve those who have served us.  No one entity, organization, or person can do this alone.  However, each one of us can make a difference and together we will succeed in providing mental health care to those who need it and support those who are providing it.

About CE4Less:

For nearly two decades, CE4Less has been a trusted partner to mental health providers nationwide. With an ever-expanding library of affordable, accredited, online continuing education and professional development courses, CE4Less remains dedicated to its mission of improving patient outcomes by providing high-quality, affordable, and convenient educational materials designed to teach new skills, advance careers, and keep providers up to date on the clinical developments that are most relevant to their daily practice, all while fulfilling state-mandated licensure requirements. CE4Less’ dedication to quality and affordability has made it the trusted partner of over half a million mental health professionals since 2004.