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Actress Stephanie Szostak’s Self-Care Workbook, “Self!sh,” Launches on World Mental Health Day



[October 10th, 2023] – On World Mental Health Day, Give an Hour Ambassador and acclaimed Actress Stephanie Szostak is proud to announce the release of her transformative self-care workbook “Self!sh.” This groundbreaking resource is now available in bookstores, with 50% of her proceeds benefiting Give an Hour, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting mental health.  

Give an Hour is deeply committed to the power of connection and believes in fostering collaborations among individuals, communities, and mental health professionals. The organization equips individuals with the knowledge, resources, and opportunities to take charge of their mental health journey. “Self!sh” aligns perfectly with Give an Hour’s mission, emphasizing personal discovery and growth as essential components of mental well-being.  

Szostak collaborated with Give an Hour to share her personal wellness playbook, a collection of tools that has played a significant role in supporting her emotional well-being, strength, and resilience. But it did not happen overnight. Stephanie spent years reading, learning, and exploring different tools, resources and practices that helped revive her confidence, clarified her values, and reignited her joy. Through “Self!sh,” she invites others to explore their own wins, losses, and future self.  

“Give an Hour has been honored to be on this journey with Stephanie to see her book and dream be realized. As an organization, we have identified ways to provide these invaluable tools, including the “Self!sh” workbook and, in the future, an accompanying app, to encourage and support people to think about mental health and engage with it differently in their day-to-day lives. “Self!sh” is an amazing tool which makes mental health and wellbeing practical.”  Dr. Trina Clayeux, CEO, Give an Hour 

“Self!sh” offers readers eight thought-provoking exercises that Szostak discovered during her self-discovery journey and compiled them in one place. The workbook provides you with the tools and empowers you on your personal journey of discovery, learning and growth.  

The concept of “Self!sh” does not stop with you putting pen to paper, while working through the workbook, you will be encouraged to create a digital “Self!sh Playbook.” This comprehensive, dynamic, and ever-evolving mental fitness tool allows you to stay focused on your unique journey and prioritize your needs, goals, and values. 

To learn more about Give an Hour and “Self!sh” visit: 

About Stephanie Szostak

Stephanie Szostak is an acclaimed actress, Give an Hour Ambassador and speaks on overcoming failure, being an outsider and living with authenticity.  Stephanie is known for her work in film and television but is also deeply committed to promoting mental health awareness and self-care. 

About Give an Hour

Give an Hour®, founded in 2005, is a national organization dedicated to transforming mental health by building strong and healthy individuals and communities. We specifically provide mental health support to people impacted by humanmade trauma through an innovative approach that empowers those we help to actively take part in their own mental health journey. Mental health is for everyone, For Life.  Learn more and get involved at

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