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Access to Care Does Make A Difference

By September 5, 2019October 31st, 2023Military Stories

“I have been working with GAH for the past four years.  Each time I teach Soldiers and Families, I push out information about GAH. Over the years, I have heard many success stories and testimonies from Soldiers and Families. One Soldier followed up with me to inform me about her teenager who was bullied and being pressured at school. The Soldier mentioned how her teenager began cutting as an outlet.  The Soldier herself was overwhelmed with the stress of not knowing how to help her teen and being unable to afford counseling. Through the GAH program, the Soldier was able to not only find a counselor for her teenager but for herself and the rest of her family. Because of the severity of this situation, I wanted to share parts of this testimony to our Soldiers who are parents of teens.  To ensure privacy, I offer up the scenario without mentioning names. However, this one scenario has been enough to demonstrate the success of the program and allowed other Soldiers to reach out to GAH for help and assistance.

The majority of our Soldiers have contacted us regarding marital support/counseling or finding help for their teenagers.  Over the past three years, seeking support for teenagers has been on the rise due to issues with depression. I am so grateful that our Soldiers and Families have a resource that they are comfortable with (outside of the military installation) and they can work with licensed counselors who are free of charge, face to face, telephonically or virtually.”

Submitted by: Mrs. Francis S. Mitchell, Family Programs, United States Army Reserve

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