Program Overview

Give an Hour’s Reserve Component program works with existing Guard and Reserve programming to encourage help-seeking behavior, promote available mental health services, recruit additional service providers, and raise awareness of the Five Signs of Emotional Suffering.

Staff, providers and organizational volunteers work to create a comprehensive system of care for Guard and Reserve families. We are proud to hold a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with both the National Guard Bureau and the Army Reserve to increase mental health care and support for Guardsmen, Reservists and their families.

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Access to Care

Give an Hour continues to increase the use of our network of providers offering in-person and virtual care within the veterans and military communities.

Access to virtual care is giving many individuals who may not have sought mental health care in the past an extraordinary opportunity – a new path to wellness – and Give an Hour is committed to the continued expansion of our provider network in 2021.

By offering easy to access treatment options in person, by phone and using HIPAA compliant virtual platforms – Give an Hour increases the chance of full recovery for those who may be suffering.

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Mental Health Literacy

Research shows that prevention and early identification is integral to successfully resolve mental health-related conditions that arise in society – including our military, veterans and loved ones. In addition to providing access to care; Give an Hour continues to build on our wealth of prevention and literacy resources available for those who have served and their loved ones. Give an Hour leads the Campaign to Change Direction, a collective public health effort with the goal to change the culture of mental health so that all those in need receive the care and support they deserve.

Please submit requests for presentations 4-6 weeks in advance.

Your program is an inspiration. Seeing it grow over these years has been wonderful. Generosity is a value that we need to be living and modeling for others in these difficult times.

J Marks, LCSWFL Provider

Many people assume that any soldier can just go to the VA to get Behavioral Health Care, but many of our currently serving soldiers do not qualify. And many of those same soldiers do not have insurance. GAH provides those soldiers a real option to get the help they need close to home without worrying about additional financial burdens. It is often a real beacon of light and hope to soldiers who didn’t think they would be able to get any help.

USAR Psychological Health Program Manager

Why Give an Hour's Reserve Component Program is Life Saving For Those It Serves

“Being able to tell them about Give an Hour and tell them: this is a resource, its free, there is someone who is going to be on the other end for you…It’s invaluable…Not only is it free, not only is it for you and your spouse, but it is a resource that you can get to immediately…Volunteering with Give an Hour is 'a chance to be an advocate, a chance to be a voice for Reserve, Guard and their families.'”

– Joi Haines

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“Through the dedication and donations of our employees at Veterans United Home Loans, we are able to support such worthy initiatives as this,” says Megan Sievers, director, Veterans United Foundation.