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for military, veterans and loved ones affected by time in service

Thank you for coming to Give an Hour for care. This search returns registered Give an Hour® providers.

The following tips will help you find and connect with a GAH provider. 
  1. If your initial search returns no results, enter less search criteria in the provider search fields. A provider MUST be licensed in your state to serve you. 
  2. Make one referral at a time. We will notify you if your chosen provider is unavailable and help you connect with care that is available. 
  3. Providers are experiencing large volumes of requests. If no provider shows available in the search, we recommend you return at another time or use another source for care. There is an overwhelming amount of need right now and individual counseling is in high demand. 

If no provider is available, you may consider using these Access to Care tips to find other care. As a reminder, Give an Hour does not provide emergency services. Click here for resources that can support you now.

If your search returns no providers it means that, at this time, there are no Give an Hour providers available in your area. Our volunteer providers also hold professional therapy roles across the nation and sessions are limited based on need. It make take a few tries to find an available provider. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a Give an Hour’s services?

You can expect to receive confidential counseling from one of our available providers who matches your needs. Our providers offer multiple levels of payment, insurance, cash pay and services for those who have no ability to pay. Give an Hour is designed to supplement other existing resources, and as such a provider may not always be available in your area.

I’m not sure what type of counseling I need. How do I find a provider?

If you are unsure of what type of counseling would be best for your personal situation, we recommend a broad search of all types of providers. Choose one that meets your travel needs and reach out to them. If they are unable to help, they can recommend a different search criteria or help you find a better fit.

I’ve found a provider. What next?

Once you submit a referral, a provider will respond to you within 5 business days. Give an Hour monitors the process and will contact you if the provider is unavailable – offering you any other available options in the network.

If things don’t work out with the first provider I contact, can I try another provider?

Yes! We know that it can sometimes take a few tries to find the right fit for counseling. If you have already matched with a provider, please let the provider know you would like to be removed from their services BEFORE searching and submitting for another provider in the network.

I have insurance. Can I still use Give an Hour?

Yes, you can! Many of those who use Give an Hour services have insurance. If a provider asks you to use your insurance for what should be free Give an Hour sessions, please let us know right away at

Will this go on my military record?

No. Our probono services are designed to be confidential; you do not need to let any military office or person know you are seeking help through Give an Hour unless it is your choice to do so.

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I can’t find a provider close to me. What are my other options?

If we do not have an available provider in your area, we do have providers who offer phone and/or video counseling. It’s possible that no provider is available in the network. You may check back at another time, or follow these tips to find care outside of Give an Hour.

What if the provider I found is not the right fit for me?

We encourage our clients and providers to work together to determine if they are a good match for each other. If at any time the two of you determine it is not a good fit, please feel free to use our Provider Search Tool to locate another provider.

As the family member or loved one of a service member or veteran, am I eligible for Give an Hour’s services?

Yes! Give an Hour offers its services to all active duty service members, veterans of any era, and their loved ones. This includes parents, siblings, grandparents, unmarried partners, and others affected by a loved one’s service.

I’ve never deployed, am I still eligible?

Absolutely. Deployment is not required to use Give an Hour’s services.