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Serving Those Affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

As the flood waters begin to recede in Hurricane Harvey’s and Hurricane Irma’s wake, Give an Hour offered immediate and long-term care and support to bring mental health and emotional support services to those affected. While some people will be in immediate need of intensive mental health treatment, many more people will be in need of someone who can provide emotional support and assistance. Give an Hour has historically opened its network to assist those affected by national traumas and tragedies such as the shootings at Sandy Hook elementary school, the Boston Marathon bombings, the violence in Charlottesville, Hurricane Sandy, and now Hurricane Harvey and Irma.   

“Volunteering at the GRB where over 5000 displaced people are sheltering. No real structure for mental health beyond acute care. Just sending us out into the masses to help. Connected with the VA by phone as they don’t have a presence here. On the hunt for veterans and helping anyone I can in between. One of our GAH providers is meeting me here…she reached out and we both knew we needed to do something, anything. My heart hurts. My home is safe but so many were not so lucky. One-third of one of the 5 halls  – filled with people, children and pets.” – Heather D, Houston Community Collaborative 

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