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It’s Okay to Reach Out

By September 20, 2019October 31st, 2023Client Stories

Colorado Client shares the impact of therapy and encourages others to seek care.

Video Submission, ~5 Minutes

This video submission highlights a client’s success and gratefulness to the GAH Program. 

“I’m here today to tell you that it’s okay to get help, that it’s okay to reach out. No matter what problems you may be experiencing or how little they seem. Admitting that, and connecting with a Give an Hour Therapist, changed my life.” After accepting that she needed help and that she could not face her problems on her own, she shares the impact of seeking mental health services. “I began to feel free, I began to live my life, to love powerfully, to trust my intuition, to trust my instincts, and more importantly, to trust myself and see myself in a different light than I have ever seen before.” She encourages others to seek care, no matter how big or small their problems may seem. “Having the courage and the ability to share my story, to help others to be able to have the same experience that I had. To show and lead by example that reaching out to a mental health provider can help you greatly in your life, in ways that you never expected.”

“I want to remind you the same things my friends reminded me while encouraging me to seek therapy- you are worthy, you are worth it, your problems are not too small, no one’s problems trump yours, and no matter what you are seeking therapy for, there is a provider out there who is able to assist you.

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