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Give an Hour supports the film “Super Human Anxiety”

By September 28, 2023Press Releases



Support for the film, “Super Human Anxiety highlights Give an Hour’s ongoing efforts of transforming mental health. 

Los Angeles, September 26, 2023Independent production company Ashley Maria Productions announced an impactful partnership between their upcoming short film, “Super Human Anxiety,” and Give an Hour, a national organization focused on creating resilient, mentally healthy communities through innovative programs and education, especially for those who have been impacted by humanmade trauma. 

“Super Human Anxiety” is part of a broader initiative that employs storytelling and post-screening educational tools to empower mental health programs, enhancing teens emotional regulation and resilience in challenging situations. 

Scheduled for release in May 2024, during Mental Health Awareness Month, the film aims to highlight the importance of reaching out to provide support to those silently struggling as well as the importance of self-care. 

“In the capacity of a social entrepreneurial organization, we collaborate with individuals dedicated to pioneering novel approaches aimed at addressing the critical void within our nation’s mental health care,” stated Dr. Trina Clayeux, CEO of Give an Hour. “The realm of visual arts stands as a potent avenue for fostering dialogues between adults and teenagers regarding mental health themes.”  

From the Emmy Nominated team of “Pioneers in Skirts,” this live-action film takes on a comedic tone to address anxiety. “Super Human Anxiety” follows a young teenager, Whitney, who has always had strong emotions, but recently they have been presenting themselves as super human strength. She works in overdrive to mask her anxiety and her powers, until today, when her elevator breaks down, Whitney must accept help from her teacher to calm her nerves so they can both get out of the elevator safely. 

“Stories like this are an impactful way to humanize social issues. We want ‘Super Human Anxiety’ to help normalize anxiety, showing kids it’s okay to talk about their feelings and encouraging them to face their anxiety instead of avoiding it,” said director Ashley Maria. “We are incredibly grateful for Give an Hour’s support in this effort, and we hope it will inspire other organizations to help us complete this important work.”  

“When it comes to anxiety, early intervention is critical,” added producer Lea-Ann W. Berst. “We want teen viewers to know that, with help, they can learn to manage and reduce their anxiety.”  

Give an Hour plans to collaborate with the filmmakers as an official impact partner, to raise awareness about the film, provide educational resources on topics covered, and offer screenings opportunities for their Wellness Ambassadors and other interested partners.  

Kristin Richardson, Director of Communications at Give an Hour, emphasized their appreciation for innovative mental health approaches, such as the subtle means of storytelling and self-reflection demonstrated in ‘Super Human Anxiety,’ which provide teens with a discreet channel to convey their emotions within their support network while fostering mental health exploration and well-being. 

To learn more about “Super Human Anxiety” and how you can play a meaningful role in building a platform that helps teens and young adults lean into productive discussions around anxiety, visit the Ashley Maria Productions website


About Ashley Maria Productions 

Ashley Maria Productions is an independent production company specializing in developing and producing short and feature length films focused on contained genre, uplifting stories, and maximizing the potential for positive impact. For more, visit 

About Give an Hour 

Give an Hour® is a national organization dedicated to transforming mental health by building strong and healthy individuals and communities. We specifically provide mental health support to people impacted by humanmade trauma through an innovative approach that empowers those we help to actively take part in their own mental health journey. Mental health is for everyone, For Life.  Learn more and get involved at 

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