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GAH Volunteer Spreads Awareness Across Northeast

By October 11, 2018November 5th, 2019Military Stories, Volunteer Stories

“I greatly appreciate Give an Hour and support it via Yellow Ribbon events for Army Reserve; as I have seen how Soldiers, who were hesitant to seeking help and then agreed to be linked to a GaH provider, reported back; visibly doing better. At each event I am privileged to represent GaH there are more than a handful of both, command and Soldiers expressing significant gratitude for the difference this non-profit is making. Even professionally, I am referring Servicemembers and their families to GaH and cannot emphasize sufficiently what an impact this initiative makes in the lives of military families. I know of individuals with suicidal ideations who have overcome and have built resiliencies that have changed their and others lives; just due to the fact that a GaH provider was available and willing to go the extra mile. Yes, it takes commitment as sometimes it’s not “convenient” to be approached beyond “business hours.” Yet, there is no greater reward than investing in the lives of others; i.e. for me specifically, the lives of our heroes, Soldiers; Marines, Airmen, Sailors who have given all.”

Raphaela Rea, Give an Hour Organizational Volunteer (RCP Volunteer)