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A Perspective on Independence Day

By July 4, 2018October 11th, 2018Military Stories

“July 4th marks one of the most patriotic days we celebrate together as a country. This day marks our independence and the beginning of our great nation as we know it. Elmer Davis’s words ring true to this day “This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.” 

As you gather with you family and friends to celebrate, please remember to take a moment to celebrate the freedom of our nation and the scarifies our service members and their families make every day to ensure that we remain the land of the free. For over 240 years since The Declaration of Independence was signed we have been protected by those willing to serve and those drafted to serve our country. Today, our military is made up from less than 1% of Americans who stand ready, willing, and able to serve our nation, protect our freedoms and our country. Doing so means days away from their families, friends, missed births of their children, birthdays, deaths, and any moment of life while they are away for training or while defending our country.

Both of my grandfathers served in the United States Army, one in WWII and one in the Korean War. Neither of them spoke a single word about their service; neither did their wives. Until I was a teenager, I had no idea that either one of them served, and fought for our freedom as a nation. As I grew older, small stories were shared, and every now and again I learn something new about what they did during their service or what life at home looked like for their families while they were gone.

I can’t help but wonder what their stories held and what life might have looked like if they had some of the same supports coming home as our service members do today; the freedom to share what they experienced, to talk openly about any emotional suffering they may have endured, as well as their overall emotional well-being. As an employee of Give an Hour we truly offer help and hope to our service members, veterans, and their loved ones through access to no cost mental health care and by encouraging all of those in need receive the care and support they deserve.” – Katie Civiletto, MHA, Project Specialist for Give an Hour