Connect to Hope Toolkit

Connect to Hope Toolkit

For Suicide Prevention

In the US, suicide is the 10th leading cause of death, and worldwide one person every 40 seconds takes their life. We know that a sense of connection, large or small, is one of our fundamental human needs and it affects our mental health, physical health, and longevity. That’s why for suicide prevention month we invite you, and our partners to join us in using the Connect to Hope toolkit to encourage connections through simple action to help prevent suicide.


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Connect to Services

Give an Hour provides care and support for a variety of populations (active-duty military, veterans, loved ones of service members, essential hospital workers from NY, NJ, & CT, survivors of man-made and natural disasters), through the generosity of volunteer mental health professionals across the country.

Volunteer to Give Hope

We invite all independently licensed mental health providers to join our network to provide critical mental health services. As a Give an Hour provider, you have the option to participate in various programs providing mental health services, support, and education to populations in need.

Spread Awareness

Share the Five Signs Of Emotional Suffering and Healthy Habits Of Emotional Well-Being with your community so that we all have a common language to identify when someone is suffering and how we can stay emotionally healthy.

Volunteer to Help

Interested in making an impact in your community? Sign up for projects like provider recruitment, military community outreach, and more. The more people that know about Give an Hour and the Campaign to Change Direction the larger the impact we are making to change mental health.

Share Your Story

Sharing a story about your personal experiences with mental health challenges can help in your own recovery as well as provide encouragement and support to others. Your personal journey provides a sense of community; a message that we are not alone and our situations are far from hopeless.

Support Care

Your generous contribution helps us provide free mental health care to those in need and continue our efforts to change the culture of mental health. By increasing access to care and by removing cultural barriers, we ensure that someday all in need will receive the support they deserve.

Connect to Resources

If you recognize that someone in your life is suffering, now what? You connect, you reach out, you inspire hope, and you offer help. Show compassion and caring and a willingness to find a solution when the person may not have the will or drive to help him- or herself. Learn more about additional mental health resources and helplines in your community.

Download this Toolkit

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I Connect to Hope

Share with us how you keep positive and hopeful when times are tough. Feel free to share one word or more.

We Connect To Hope

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Need more ideas?

Check out our list of ways to reach out, connect and engage while showing your support for suicide prevention

Suicide Prevention Partners

About Suicide Prevention Month

We all have the ability to prevent suicide through outreach and connection to our family, friends, and community. Each Septemeber, organizations around the globe come together to spread awareness that help is available to those emotionally suffering. Give an Hour and the Campaign to Change Direction have put together a toolkit packed full of resources and ways to get involved. We are all in this together and through collaboration, those suffering from mental health challenges can #changedirection and find hope.

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