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Mental health & emotional wellness is our priority.

Give an Hour® provides personalized and interactive mental health products and services that are informed by both evidence and the lived experience of our customers that we have been serving since 2005. This ensures a level of responsiveness, relevance, engagement, and accessibility in our person-centered model.

With this knowledge we are equipped to help those who have experienced trauma and tailor our services to their unique needs.

Our solutions “catch” people who may fall through the gaps in previously identified care options such as traditional counseling. We believe empowered communities thrive when transparency is prioritized. This approach allows for lifelong emotional wellness that is trusted by the customer.

What We Offer

Education and Training

Training and tools that provide mental health education and resilience. With online courses, workshops, and expert-led sessions, we offer stress management, anxiety relief, mindfulness therapy, and positive psychology principles. Our holistic, person-centered approach empowers individuals to boost their well-being. Unlock your potential for a healthier, resilient life.

Peer Support

A trained individual with shared lived experience who can provide peer based interventions. These trained peers provide empathetic guidance, drawing from their own journeys. This compassionate, understanding approach fosters healing and resilience. Connect with our supportive peer network to discover the power of shared experiences in your healing journey.

Customer Informed Journey Mapping

A customer informed guide for navigating critical mental health touch points along a journey, offering insights and tools to improve well-being and resilience. Let us provide the support you need as you progress along your path to healing and personal growth.

Individual Seeking Help?

If you are an individual seeking support, find out if we have a program for you!

Crisis Support

Give an Hour does not provide crisis support, find urgent help here.

Become a Trauma Informed Peer Supporter – Register Today

Give an Hour TIPS (Trauma Informed Peer Support) Training is our evidence informed peer support training. These sessions are virtual held on zoom. In this training, we talk about what peer support is, some challenges you may face and how to care for yourself while you are caring for others. 

Become a Rare Care Trauma Informed Peer Supporter – Register Today

Give an Hour’s Rare Care peer support training is trauma informed. Participants will explore how to make authentic connections, how to give and gather information, setting wellness goals and boundaries, and highlighting resilience in others. This no-cost 4 hour experience is designed to equip rare caregivers with tools to offer support to others with similar life experiences. 

If you are an organization and are looking for mental health support for your employees or your community, reach out to or fill out this form to explore a contract with us for any of our mental health products.

Our Experience
  • Nearly 20 years of experience providing mental health services
  • We focus on a human-centered and client-centered approach
  • National reach
  • Our staff possess lived-experience
  • A Women-led organization
  • Community based interventions
  • We collaborate with leading behavioral health experts
Vetted By
  • Charity Navigator Four-Star 2023
  • Guidestar Platinum Transparency Star 2023
  • Certified by America’s Best Charities
  • Global Giving

Why Choose Give an Hour?

Client Centered

A personalized approach to training and capacity-building, our client centered method puts your mental health journey at the forefront. We tailor our support to your unique needs and preferences. Experience a personalized path to well-being where you are in control. Explore our resources to embark on a client-centered journey toward mental health and self-discovery.

Virtual or In-Person

At our mental health support hub, we offer flexibility to meet your unique needs, providing services both virtually and in-person. Whether you prefer the convenience of online support or the personal touch of face-to-face interactions, we have you covered. Explore the site’s extensive resources to learn how we tailor our approach to ensure your well-being, allowing you to make the choices that work best for you on your mental health journey.

Your Needs Come First

Our commitment is simple but unwavering: your needs take precedence in our approach to mental health support. Whether you seek personalized guidance, evidence-based solutions, or interactive resources, we tailor our services to you. 

Developed with Trust

Reliable mental health support that is built on trust and informed by evidence. We understand the importance of your well-being and have developed our resources, therapies, and tools with your confidence in mind. Explore the site’s offerings to discover our evidence-based approach as a cornerstone in your journey to improved mental health.