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Give an Hour Provider Training: Healing the Mind, Body, & Spirit of Professional Helpers During Phases of a Pandemic Virus

Free CE Opportunity Open to all GAH Providers!!

Scheduled for April 29th, 2022 at 1:00 pm EST   

In collaboration with Dr. Mark Stebnicki, Give an Hour offers a FREE two-hour CE training for registered Give an Hour Providers that is centered around a unique perspective on the mental health response of the COVID-19 disaster and its impact on the mind, body, and spirit of professional helpers. The question of how everyday citizens are dealing with Covid comes up often. It’s now time to discuss how the healers are coping as well. 

Course Description: This training explores practical guidelines for a variety of mental health and allied helping professionals to facilitate optimal healing strategies for self and others throughout phases of a pandemic virus. The material will also describe and explore the experience of empathy fatigue that impacts the mind, body, and spirit of professional providers. The material presented in this course differentiates viral pandemics from other natural disasters. It explores healthy-unhealthy, normal-abnormal behavior, and clinically significant symptoms that are unique to pandemics.

The research and practitioner material offered in this course is based on the instructor’s 10th professional text; Counseling Practice During Phases of a Pandemic Virus (American Counseling Association/Wiley & Sons, 2021).

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Apr 29 2022


1:00 pm