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Serving the Military Caregiver

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Who is a military caregiver?

A military caregiver is a family member, friend, or acquaintance who provides a broad range of care and assistance for, or manages the care of, a current or former military service member with a disabling physical or mental injury or illness.

Because of your amazingly dedicated staff and volunteers, we were provided with the therapeutic services that helped save our marriage. My provider showed more kindness and compassion than I ever expected, and I will be forever grateful for her heart and the help she gave me.

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Use Give an Hour’s search page to find a mental health professional who can help you, or your loved one, as you navigate the challenges of being a military caregiver.

Mental Health Education

Prevention and early identification of emotional suffering and education about healthy self care practices plays a critical role in emotional health.

Other Caregiver Resources

Looking for something else? Check out these other great resources for help.

A Guide

This dynamic guide, brought to you by Give an Hour and Elizabeth Dole Foundation, is designed to provide a brief overview of best practices in providing mental health care to America’s Hidden Heroes. By creating an understanding of the unique challenges of the military caregiver experience and the Military and Caregiver Experience Map, we hope that this guide can help nonprofits, support organizations and mental health providers raise public awareness and provide adequate services to caregivers.