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Changing The Mental Health Playbook...For Life...

A few years ago I found Give an Hour. This is an organization that has reduced overhead costs as much as possible allowing for 90% of their donations to go toward services.
I have been volunteering for them for many years. Each person I have worked with has been desperate for relief. They have struggled with feeling crazy or weak. They have yearned for some way to relieve their system, hitting roadblocks all along the way. Each person I have worked with has been beyond grateful for the organization and the service.

Allison J., LCSWGive an Hour Provider

[Give an Hour] helped something huge shift in me. I have not felt this light inside since [my son] died 10 months ago. I know there will be other waves. I know I am not healed but...I am relishing in a bit of peace after so much turmoil. I was so mindful that talking to [the Give an Hour provider] might bring up hurtful things but that was not the case. And walking through the fear proved more than healing.

Aimee S.Give an Hour Client

[After this training I see that] change will come after the pain. For my emotional health I need to make some lifestyle changes.

Training Participant

I really appreciate the training [from Give an Hour]. I think mental health plays such a huge role in each persons life. It is nice to see that mental health is a topic of discussion instead of silence.

Training Participant

My motivation for becoming a Give an Hour provider in 2008 was both my father, a Marine, and my grandfather who was a Medal of Freedom recipient. Immensely proud of their service, I chose to honor them and all military personnel and their families by providing my time and training in therapy. As a specialist in trauma-informed treatment, I felt a different sense of duty to those who have sacrificed for the freedoms I enjoy. Give an Hour provides the platform for me to offer confidential professional treatment to those who need care. This has been an immensely rewarding experience and I am grateful to Give An Hour for the opportunity to serve in my community.

V. Webster, LCSW-CGive an Hour Provider

This organization means a lot to me. Factually, I would not be on this earth anymore if they did not exist. In 2017, I held my personal fire arm in my hands and considered suicide as a way out just shortly after burying one of my army sons, who at the time, I felt I had majorly let down. I reached out through this organization and found a psychologist who saw me for nearly two years, the first 6 months of therapy were free and I had to twist her arm to even take my insurance card there after. She helped me understand the trauma I was experiencing and helped me find my path...

N.B.Give an Hour Client

I can't thank [Give an Hour] enough. I used this program while I was on active duty, and it was the best thing that could have happened for my mental health, which is why I recently recommended it to another friend who's also on active duty. Like me, we both have security clearance and other concerns, so we preferred to use resources off base.

B.J.Give an Hour Client

Give an Hour does not provide emergency services, but these partners do.

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