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This training will start you on the path with confidence to be a mental health leader in your community.

Give an Hour is committed to promoting mental health for life and our mission is to develop resilient individuals and communities. We believe in the power of connection and that by working together with individuals, organizations, and providers we can change the current mental health landscape.

There are three essential areas that we will be learning about in the course.

First, we will cover early identification. We will be talking about what is mental health and wellness, how we all have mental health just as we do physical health. Then we’ll discuss a tool that you can use to help you identify when you and someone else are suffering.

Then we will cover help and hope, how to connect with others with empathy and discuss tips on ways to do that.

Lastly, we will discuss how to identify when someone needs professional help, where you can find resources, and the steps to get it.