Client FAQs

What is Give an Hour?

Give an Hour is a national nonprofit organization with a large network of mental health professionals who offer no cost mental health counseling to those in need.

What can I expect from a Give an Hour’s services?

You can expect to receive FREE and confidential counseling from one of our available providers. Our providers donate one hour per week for at least one year for our military, EDRT and natural or man-made disaster clients.

Where do I start?

Our Provider Search asks you to select a few options and returns a list of providers in your area. You may contact one or more of the providers on the list directly to find one who will be a good fit for your needs and schedule.

I’m not sure what type of counseling I need. How do I find a provider?

If you are unsure of what type of counseling would be best for your personal situation, we recommend a broad search of all types of providers. Choose one that meets your travel needs and reach out to them. If they are unable to help, they can recommend a different search criteria or help you find a better fit.

Do I need to fill out an application?

You do not need to fill out an application or register with Give an Hour in any way if you are a military, natural disaster or man-made trauma client. However, your Give an Hour provider will ask for your contact information as part of their intake process. This information will be kept confidential. EDRT clients will need to fill out an intake form to access the Give an Hour provider search.

I’ve found a provider. What next?

Contact the provider directly and mention you are being referred by Give an Hour. If you reach voicemail, be sure to leave a message mentioning Give an Hour and leave your name and phone number. Don’t hesitate to call again if you don’t receive a call back within a few days.
To make it easy for you, we have created a list of helpful steps and tips to guide you as you get started. View the steps and tips now.

How much does it cost?

All sessions are absolutely free for military and natural disaster or man-made trauma clients.

Is this just one free hour of counseling?

No, for our military and natural disaster or man-made trauma clients, our providers donate one hour per week for at least one year or as long as the provider and client agree, and it continues to be a good fit. For our Hospital Heroes clients, our providers donate six hours of free counseling.

If things don’t work out with the first provider I contact, can I try another provider?

Yes! We know that it can sometimes take a few tries to find the right fit for counseling.

I have insurance. Can I still use Give an Hour?

Yes, you can! Many of those who use Give an Hour services have insurance but have chosen not to use it for a variety of reasons. If a provider asks you to use your insurance for what should be free Give an Hour sessions, please let us know right away at

I can’t find a provider close to me. What are my other options?

If we do not have an available provider in your area, we do have providers who offer phone and/or video counseling.

How do I find a phone or video counselor?

When using our Provider Search Tool, select “Telephone Support” and/or “Video Counseling” in the Type of Support field.

The providers I’ve contacted have never responded. What can I do?

When you contact a provider, be sure to tell him or her you were referred by Give an Hour and if necessary, leave a voicemail mentioning Give an Hour and stating your name and telephone number. If you are still having trouble connecting, please email us at

What if the provider I found is not the right fit for me?

We encourage our clients and providers to work together to determine if they are a good match for each other. If at any time the two of you determine it is not a good fit, please feel free to use our Provider Search Tool to locate another provider.

As the family member or loved one of a service member or veteran, am I eligible for Give an Hour’s services?

Yes! Give an Hour offers its services to all active duty service members, veterans of any era, and their loved ones. This includes parents, siblings, grandparents, unmarried partners, and others affected by a loved one’s service.

I’ve never deployed, am I still eligible?

Absolutely. Deployment is not required to use Give an Hour’s services.

Will this go on my military record?

No. Our services are designed to be confidential; you do not need to let any military office or person know you are seeking help through Give an Hour unless it is your choice to do so.

Where do I begin a search for a provider if I was affected by a natural disaster or man-made tragedy?

Visit our Disasters and Trauma page and scroll down to the Find a Provider Section. You can also find resources and tools that may be of use near the bottom of the page.