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Understanding the Guard’s Duty Status

By September 28, 2018April 8th, 2020Professional Development

“Many events trigger responses across multiple jurisdictions and different levels of government. The National Guard is
exceptionally suited for its Homeland Defense role due to its geographically disperse forces with links to local
communities and ties to state and local governments. These relationships allow for rapid and integrated responses in
times of emergency. Because of its unique dual constitutional authority, the National Guard serves to bridge the “zone of
ambiguity” across State and Federal government boundaries.

The National Guard is the only United States military force that operates across both State and Federal responses,
leveraging State Active Duty (SAD), Full-Time National Guard Duty (Title 32) and Active Duty (Title 10). While SAD, Title
32 and Title 10 are different statuses and roles, they provide mutually supporting capability.”

View and download NGAUS Fact Sheet – Guard Status 9.27.18