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Talkspace Launches New Platform Offering Affordable Mental Healthcare for Teens – Partners with Give an Hour

NEW YORKOct. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — As mental health issues like anxiety and depression continue to rise in the adolescent community, Talkspace, the global leader in online therapy, announced today it will be extending its services to teens ages 13-17. Previously, due to legal requirements, the platform was only available for adults ages 18 and older. Now, with parental consent, teens can connect with a licensed therapist in their state via smartphone or computer — from anywhere, at any time.

“It’s vital that today’s teens learn to be honest and open about their feelings, and comfortable seeking help when it’s needed,” said Neil Leibowitz, MD, JD and Chief Medical Officer of Talkspace. “With social media, school shootings, and cyberbullying, adolescents today are dealing with a whole new set of developmental challenges. Being proactive about teens’ mental health is more important than ever.”

GiveanHour’s Founder and President Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen was honored to have participated in a panel with Michael Phelps about Mental Health and Young Americans last week. With the launch of Talkspace for Teens, Talkspace is announcing a partnership with the non-profit mental health organization Give an Hour to offer teens in need 500 months of free therapy.

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