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Suicide Risk Management Consultation Program


Never Worry Alone

Updated: 16 April 2018

Providing care for Veterans at risk of suicide may feel like a daunting responsibility. Why worry alone?

The Rocky Mountain MIRECC offers free consultation for any provider (community as well as VA) who works with Veterans.

Tools + Support + Evidence-based Knowledge = Better Outcomes

Provider-Focused Support

Working with high risk individuals is stressful. This reality may cause emotional and cognitive strain, which could influence:

  • The therapeutic relationship
  • Provider’s problem solving/decision-making
  • Documentation

When working with those at risk for suicide, the therapeutic alliance is particularly critical. During the consultation process, we aim to help providers maintain supportive, collaborative and productive therapeutic relationships. Consultants provide concrete tools as well as encouragement that help ease anxiety and increase provider confidence.

Armed with a better way to assess, conceptualize and mitigate risk, providers often experience less stress. This helps optimize clinical decision making and problem solving, while maintaining the therapeutic alliance.

As a provider you may have unanswered questions about suicide risk management, or feel that a “second opinion” might prove useful. Please contact us and #NeverWorryAlone.

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