Program Overview

With support from the Ventura County Community Foundation and the California Community Foundation, Give an Hour offers the following NO COST services in Ventura and Los Angeles. These services aim to address the mental health and emotional wellbeing needs of those affected by devastating fires in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties over the past two years.

NO COST Services Available

  • Emotional Wellness Training, Peer Support: STRONGER TOGETHER offers Emotional Life Skills® training to build community peer support groups. This Emotional Life Skills® program delivers the skills and tools that allow community members to better care for themselves and those they love, enables all to build and access local mental health resources in their communities, and builds a community peer support network. To learn more about the Emotional Life Skills℠  program components, click here.
  • Fire Recovery Support Groups: Fire recovery support groups facilitated by mental health professionals to those affected by fires in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties.
  • Trauma 101 Training: This training is designed for community members and groups who want to learn more about trauma, how it affects individuals and our community in the aftermath of a traumatic event.
  • Trauma-Informed Care Training: This training is designed for those serving individuals and communities in the aftermath of traumatic events. This training includes evidence-informed information on how to offer a trauma-informed response to those you serve.
  • Vicarious Trauma Training and Support for Caregivers: To educate and support caregivers who may be exposed to or are experiencing vicarious trauma (compassion fatigue) VC STRONGER TOGETHER offers evidence-based Vicarious Trauma training to those in the caregiving community (training audiences include, but not limited to: hospital staff, case
    managers, community mental health workers, social workers, community-based organization staff). Trainings will include a self-assessment, the development of a care plan, and a practical application.
  • Community Outreach and Education: To educate community members and groups, VC STRONGER TOGETHER offers community outreach and education sessions that focus on community recovery services available and the importance of keeping emotionally well in the aftermath of traumatic events (outreach and education audiences include, but are not limited to: Rotary Clubs, PTAs, community-based organizations, and councils).

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