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National Center for Telehealth & Technology (T2)

By May 9, 2017April 9th, 2020Military, Veterans & Families, PTSD, Suicide

In a world of expanding technology and widespread use of innovative healthcare, the National Center for Telehealth and Technology develops resources to improve health despite one’s distance from a medical provider. In addition to the Telehealth programs that have been developed, by clicking on the link below you can learn about the smartphone applications and other technological programs the Department of Defense has pioneered to help service members cope with PTSD, suicide, and help on the path towards resiliency. For an overview of the programs and resources, click here:

To learn about and download the smartphone Apps that have been designed to help service members treat symptoms such as depression, PTSD, sleep problems, and stress, follow these links:

The Virtual PTSD Experience is an interactive site in which the service member creates an avatar, learns about PTSD through various simulations, learns skills to cope with PTSD through the avatar, and interacts with providers available by telephone, or other anonymous service member who are using the site through his/her avatar.

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