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By May 9, 2017April 8th, 2020Professional Development

This online training module, sponsored by Medical University of South Carolina, is for web-based learning of Cognitive Processing Therapy. This site has a particular focus on the treatment of military and combat-related PTSD. CPTWeb, the site for web-based learning of Cognitive Processing Therapy. This site has a particular focus on the treatment of military and combat-related PTSD, although the principles and methods described work well for any type of traumatic event that results in PTSD. This course was developed to complement other methods of clinical learning, such as reading a book or manual or attending a workshop or training course. However, unlike most workshops and manuals, this site includes specific, step-by-step instructions for each component of therapy, printable sample scripts for introducing concepts and techniques to clients, and flash video demonstrations of the therapy procedures conducted by expert clinicians. The web site is also developed so that you can proceed at your own pace and use the learning experiences when it is convenient for you.

CPT involves a structured, sequenced approach to address the unique needs of each patient suffering from PTSD and/or depression. Specifically, CPT is a short-term treatment that may work in as few as 12 treatment sessions. Of course, treatment may be prov ided for longer periods depending on each individual’s needs. Sessions address the following issues:

  • Educating patients about PTSD and explaining the nature of their symptoms
  • Helping patients explore how traumatic events have affected their lives
  • Learning about connections between trauma-related thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  • Remembering the traumatic event and experiencing the emotions associated with it
  • Increasing patients’ ability to challenge maladaptive thoughts about the trauma
  • Helping patients increase their understanding of unhelpful thinking patterns and learn new, healthier ways of thinking; and
  • Facilitating patients’ exploration of how each of 5 core themes have been affected by their traumatic experiences

Once you complete the course, you can return whenever you like to review techniques, print out scripts, watch videos, and refresh your learning.

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CEU Statement

Continuing education credit for CPTWeb is awarded on a module-by-module basis; however, all modules (ie, the entire course) must be completed in order to receive credit. Nine units of Continuing Education credit is approved for the successful completion of this on-line training course. A Certificate of Completion is available for printing when you submit the final evaluation.

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